Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Other Guys (2010)

Not Too Impressive - 3/5
So I saw this film called The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. This film sort of came out of nowhere for me. I don't think it made the cinemas anywhere and so when it went straight to DVD is was bemused as to why I hadn't heard of it before. The concept to me sounded like it would make an enjoyable film and I'm an ever present fan of Ferrell's so I gave it a go. I have to say that whilst watching the film I found it laugh out loud funny and enjoyable but looking back on it I am of the opinion that the cheap jokes clouded my view of what was a pretty poor plot and a relatively mediocre film overall. Hence, it didn't make the cinema.

The film had all the ingredients to be another one of Adam McKay's stereotypical production. Will Ferrell has been present in many of his films including Step Brothers and Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy and so I figured he'd be cast in a pretty similar role yet again. I think his role in The Other Guys began as a more understated one than we are used to seeing in a McKay/Ferrell partnership but the humour

Anthony Mackie Looking At Two New Roles

Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) has been the latest star to look at being involved in Gangster Squad, and has also been linked to a role in World War Z. Variety has reported that an offer has already been made to Mackie from World War Z director Marc Forster to star in the adaptation. They also report that he is being eyed by Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer to take a role in the crime-thriller with Warner Bros. The reports at this stage are vague and casting is not 100% for either film. Reports even stated that "Mackie's reps had no comment, nor did Paramount." At this stage Mackie's involvement remains just a rumour.

The news does give encouragement that the World War Z project is moving forward and beginning to cast fairly major actors. The team behind Gangster Squad have been more successful in their casting after

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Friday, 29 April 2011

'The Dictator' Brings In Ben Kingsley To Join Baron Cohen

Sir Ben Kingsley
Sir Ben Kingsley and Sacha Baron Cohen? Sounds like a pretty strange Thespian match but reportedly they are set to star alongside each other in new comedy film The Dictator! Variety has reported that Kingsley will play a Middle Eastern character in the film.

As yet there has been no casting of a leading lady but three are under consideration in the forms of Kristen Wiig, Anna Faris and Gillian Jacobs.

The film follows a dictator who risks his own life to prevent the spread of democracy throughout his land. It

Jeff Bridges To Join Ryan Reynolds In R.I.P.D?

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges could be in line to replace Zach Galifianakis in a movie adaptation of the comic book R.I.P.D which follows the story of undead police officers who keep everything in the underworld running smoothly, reveals Deadline. Galifiniakis was forced to drop out of the project after a schedule clash and it is rumoured that Bridges will be the one to replace him and join Ryan Reynolds in the supernatural comedy. The film will be directed by Red's director Robert Schwentke and is just waiting for Reynolds to become available due to his heavy schedule which includes his role in The Green Lantern.

With Bridges on board the film will have a greater level of credibility than

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011) Official Trailer [HD]

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Illusionist (2010)

Sheer Genius - 5/5
So I saw this film yesterday called The Illusionist and if you'll remember this was one of three films nominated for an 'Academy Award For Best Animated Film' alongside How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3, which sadly was eventually won by Toy Story 3 despite both the other films being better in my opinion. However, I think the Toy Story franchise was deserving of an Oscar at some point, after only previously being nominated, so in some ways I was glad it was triumphant.

The Illusionist was certainly deserving of a nomination and I think against other films it would have succeeded in winning. However, I'm glad the film got recognized for its beauty and genius and the fact it was pretty much a 90 minute silent movie that was at no point boring. That's what fascinated my abut this film. What little words there were were in a different language but through the

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" Trailer 1

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Immortals (2011) Trailer [HD]

Bill & Ted 3 Update: Script Written

Bill: Alex Winter
Alex Winter has revealed via Twitter that the script for the third installment of the Bill And Ted franchise has been written. Winter played Bill alongside Keanu Reeves in the first two films and has said he has enjoyed reading the third script which both he and Keanu Reeves plan to return in. Alex tweeted on Sunday: "Bill and Ted 3. Just got the script. And now to read...".

Keanu Reeves recently revealed to MTV that the upcoming project would see the pair of slackers go back in time to save the world. He said "I know a little bit. But I don't know - the fellas went off and cooked it up. I don't know what happened when they put the elements together."He continued with "When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song that saved the world, and it hasn't happened. So they've now become kind of possessed by trying to do that. Then there's an element of time and they have to go back."

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Whedon Announces 'The Avengers' Begins Filming

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon, director of upcoming film The Avengers, has announced today that filming has officially begun on the project. He revealed the news via his fansite Whedonesque and said that filming on the Marvel story would begin.

He said: “Tomorrow [Monday 25th] we start shooting (I THINK I'm legally permitted to say that). Day one. That's right. We'll be shooting the pivotal death/betrayal/product placement/setting up the sequel/coming out scene, at the following address:

“[Marvel Lawyers rush in, take Joss's keyboard, blowtorch a picture of his family like in "Stormy Monday", drink his milkshake, leave the seat up, fluff his pillows, violently unfluff his pillows, leave]

"Went too far. My bad. Anyhoo, it should be a fun day, followed by the eighty thousand other fun days it will take to finish this."

The film is being shot in New Mexico and is heading for a May 2012 release.

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Directorial Debut For Russell Crowe?

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe could make his directorial debut with the 1970s set crime drama 77. The Gladiator and State Of Play actor also plans to star in the film according to Deadline. The film brings us the story of an unsolved murder case of an LAPD officer in 1974. The story will be told via a pair of police officers of different ethnic backgrounds who are caught up in the battle between the Symbionese Liberation Army and the LAPD. 

Russell Crowe has worked with some of the best directors in his time, such as Ridley Scott, and is no stranger to crime dramas such as these. I'm sure he won't feel out f place directing and starring in such a film. Obviously everyone's directorial debut could go on of two ways; it could be dire or not too bad all. I'm keeping my faith in Crowe for this one and I think he'll pull it out of the bag. 

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The Devil's Double Trailer 2011

Monday, 25 April 2011

Sofia Coppola Casts Kirsten Dunst In 'Secret Door'

Kirsten Dunst
With her fifth feature film Secret Door, Sofia Coppola will keep up her use of actress Kirsten Dunst, after previously casting her in two of her other films (Marie Antionette, The Virgin Suicides). Production company American Zeotrope, run by Sofia's father Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), tweeted today about the news: “Happy to announce that Kirsten Dunst has agreed to be in Sofia Coppola’s new film Secret Door,” and also added that “Script is still being finished. Stay tuned!”.

As yet there are no details regarding the film's storyline but Total Film has suggested it will be much like her previous films and will feature a disillusioned lead character trying to find new meaning in life.

Kirsten Dunst's newest film Melancholia will debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year and is directed by Lars Von Trier.

Cyrus (2010)

Surprisingly Good - 3.5/5
So I saw this film the other day called Cyrus and I have to say I was very surprised about the outcome. I rented this along with Let Me In to provide myself with a comedy and a horror film for the next couple of days. But I have to say that Cyrus was more than just a comedy. What's strange about the film is that the DVD cover, which shows Jonah Hill making a hand gesture towards John C. Reilly behind his mother's back, doesn't do justice to what is in the film. From that cover you'd assume a constant stream of comedy and pranks in a film similar to Step Brothers. However, the film actually contained more emotion than I expected and had more of a storyline than just a son who dislikes his mother's boyfriend.

Cyrus is now probably bordering on my favourite Jonah Hill performance. He plays a very emotionally unstable boy who can't bear to see his mother (Marisa Tomei) taken away from him and who goes out of his way to break up the relationship between Tomei and John C. Reilly's character. I saw a side to Hill's abilities that I hadn't really seen before and it was a refreshing change from his usual, if hilarious, roles. John C Reilly also went up in my estimations after seeing Cyrus in a similar way to Jonah Hill.

This film really has more to offer than it gives itself credit for. The storyline was coherent and even heartfelt at times and the acting left little to complain about. At times the story became a little frustrating but only slightly.

Cyrus really is a film that will surprise you and provide you with laughs and emotion throughout. I wouldn't have thought I would be recommending it but here I am doing it. I wouldn't have thought this one would be for everyone but it's a nice film with an equally nice story.

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Our Idiot Brother Trailer

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Trampoline Overhead Kick Fail

Ian Holm To Play Bilbo Again

Sir Ian Holm
Peter Jackson's upcoming production of The Hobbit will see Ian Holm reprise his role as loveable hobbit Bilbo Baggins revealed Total Film and will play the older role of Bilbo alongside Martin Freeman who will star as the young version of the character. Peter Jackson revealed the news via his Facebook page after questions about a voice heard in the teaser video released last week.

The Hobbit: Part 1 has already begun filming but won't see release until December 2012. Alongside Sir Ian Holm will be a host of big stars, some reprising their roles from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and some making a first appearance. Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Andy Serkis, Elijah Wood, David Tennant, Orlando Bloom, Christopher Lee, James Nesbitt, Ian McKellen and even one half of the comedy music duo Flight Of The Conchords (Bret McKenzie) will all be featuring.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Roth Wants Rockwell For His New Film

Reservoir Dogs Star Tim Roth
Reservoir Dogs star Tim Roth says he would like Sam Rockwell to lead his new film. The film is based on social worker Marc Parent's book about attempting to save children from abusive parents, something that Roth himself can empathise with after suffering a similar fate as a child. Roth said to The Hollywood Reporter that he was eyeing Sam Rockwell (Moon) to play the lead role Marc. Tim said about Marc Parent "He was an incredible social worker - he saved tons of children from horrible situations. It's a really interesting story, and I couldn't get this film made [before], but it's the companion to The War Zone.".

Roth revealed he wants to shoot the film in digital. He said: "It will give me real control of the atmosphere surrounding the children. I can do take after take, I don't have to worry about money or how much [film] stock I've got, or about the guy who takes the film to the lab in the middle of the night having a crash because he's out of beer.".

I'm sure with Rockwell on board this one could be great, especially with a man such as Roth, along with his personal experiences, behind it. 

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30 Minutes or Less (Official) Red Band Trailer

Friday, 22 April 2011

Fast And Furious 5 (Official Trailer) HD

'The Bourne Legacy' Finds It's New Lead

Renner In The Hurt Locker
Yes, today is the day when we finally find out who the new Bourne star will be after Matt Damon confirmed he would not be in the fourth film (The Bourne Legacy) a while back. Deadline has revealed today that the search is now over and Jeremy Renner, who you will remember as playing the protagonist in the brilliant war film The Hurt Locker, will be playing the lead in the fourth film.

The news will I'm sure come as a relief to fans of the films who feared a young  and more popular actor would be cast thereby making The Bourne Legacy a complete farce. However they now have the capable hands of Renner to look forward to. He stunned us in the award winning The Hurt Locker and I really can't think of anyone better suited to the film series than Matt Damon himself. In my opinion fans will find the transition a fairly easy one and Renner should fit right in. Although the film will not focus on Jason Bourne as a character it still looks set to be one to look forward to.

Jeremy Renner now seems to be the go to guy to replace big anmes in film series they no longer want to do anymore. Apparently he has also been linked to taking over from Tom Cruise in the next Mission: Impossible film.

Filming on The Bourne Legacy will begin in September with a release date of August 2012 looking probable.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Denzel May Star In 'Flight'

Washington In Training Day
I must add an update to the last post about Robert Zemeckis' possible new project Flight about a pilot hailed as a hero for landing a damaged plane who is then discovered for who he really is after an investigation. Denzel Washington is rumoured to be in line for the lead role as the pilot who is found out to be an alcoholic and drug addict. We all know how well Denzel can play alcoholics from his role in Man On Fire and so it sounds like a role tailored to his talents.

Flight has exploded in the movie news world today and it will be one to watch out for but I must reiterate my hope that the film is not rushed through production in order to make room for Robert Zemeckis' busy schedule.

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Robert Zemeckis Lands 'Flight'?

Cast Away director Robert Zemeckis may make a come back on the live-action scene with a new script that has been penned called Flight which Zemeckis may direct reports Deadline. John Gatins (Real Steel) penned the script that centres around a pilot who is hailed for his bravery after landing a plane after disaster strikes. However, after investigation into the crash landing, the hero is not viewed in such a good light. Pretty mysterious I know.
Robert Zemeckis

Zemeckis hasn't approached a live-action film since 2000 with Cast Away, opting to focus more on animated films such as Beowulf and A Christmas Carol.

Should Zemeckis take on the project it is expected that it will start production straight away and will take precedence over his other many projects including the travel film Timeless and a GCI/live-action cross-over in the form of How To Survive A Garden Gnome Attack. This make it sound to me like the film may be rushed through production. I'm on the fence about this one.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cemetery Junction (2010)

Beautiful Story - 4.5/5
So I saw this film just now called Cemetery Junction. The film is a coming-of-age tale set in 1970s Britain that is brought to us by the comedy duo that is Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant. I always find myself going into films that either feature one of the two or is written by either of the pair with low expectations. It seems strange that the pair behind The Office could produce a film of any real meaning. I'm happy to say that I always find I am surprised by just what they achieve. Ghost Town which starred Gervais was brilliant at times and to a lesser extent so was The Invention Of Lying (although I did have some major criticisms of the film). Cemetery Junction has got to be the best movie to come from the pairing. It seems somehow strange that they can deliver such a beautiful storyline and flowing script but I think this film finally brought me round.

The film itself was beautiful in many ways. I enjoyed how the Gervais/Merchant charm and witticism was retained but surrounded in a seventies coming-of-age story. I'm sure the two used experiences from their own childhoods when they wrote the script as it seemed hugely genuine and heartfelt at times. The film expressed fairly deep messages in an effective way and at no point was it cheesy.

I think the main reason this film was so good was the casting of the main characters. Lead man Christian Cooke lacked some charisma at times but delivered a fairly solid performance. Stand outs for me had to be Tom Hughes (Bruce), Jack Doolan (Snork) and in particular the fabulously retro Felicity Jones who played Julie. Her performance was the most moving for me and I'd be very surprised if the performance doesn't help her on to bigger and better things. Gervais' own character as Freddie's dad retained the Gervais charm and typical blunt comedy which was nice to see.

A you can see by now, I found very little to fault this film on. The ending was absolutely brilliant and without attempting to spoil it too much for those of you who haven't seen it, how refreshing was it not to see a kiss for once? The film was one that left you with a smile at the end. Any film that can do that is certainly worth a watch.

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Megamind (2010)

At Least It's Funny - 3/5
So I saw this film just now called Megamind which you'll remember as being Will Ferrell's latest animated film. The story followed  the journey of Megamind, a blue, round-headed supervillain in his battles against Metro Man. He then goes on to control Metro City, get bored of all his power, create a nemesis for himself who turns evil and consequently causes Megamind to save the city and get the girl. Hmmmmm. It's all a bit predictable and it feels as if it has been done before even though movies of this type normally focus on the 'good guy'. Despite the way this film tried to break the stereotypical comedy/animation superhero movie (Monsters Vs Aliens, The Incredibles) by focusing on the other side, by the end it became exactly like all these other previous films.

That's what this film was. I must say it started off quite good. The comedy was flowing and it managed to feel fresh within the genre. By about half way through with the creation of Titan, played by Jonah Hill, the storyline began to lose my interest and by the end we all knew what was happening. And just for the record, Jonah should should never ever ever at any point in a film play a superhero. His voice is totally inappropriate for this type of role and no matter how many times he has done it before, he should stick to the usual geeky and hilarious characters we are used to seeing him in.

Despite the poor casting of Hill, I think Will Ferrell was a good pick to play Megamind. He manages to bring such comedic value just with the inclusion of his voice and the lack of a decent plot-line didn't seem as important when his character was making you laugh. At least they got that bit right. Tina Fey should have been given a more comedy-based role too. What's the point of casting her in a boring part that could have been played by anyone? If you get someone funny on board, use them. Brad Pitt was well cast as Metro Man. His voice brings an air of arrogance that you usually don't get from him from his on-screen performances. Aside from the casting, the animation was pretty awesome. DreamWorks and the animation team behind it certainly did a good job of that.

This film was by no means amazing and, speaking as a fan of Monsters Vs Aliens, this film just couldn't stand up to movies similar to it. Apparently a sequel is on the way so I think I'll be missing that one.Saying that the film was funny and not every film has that to boast.

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Cotillard Joins 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Marion Cotillard
Another of Christopher Nolan's acting associates from Inception has joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises in the form of Marion Cotillard. The news comes with confirmation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will also feature in the film as part of the Gotham City Police Force. Both actors previously worked with Nolan in Inception so it's no wonder the director feels confident in picking them again.

The Oscar winning Marion Cotillard will allegedly serve on the board of Wayne Enterprises. She won her Oscar for her role in La Vie en Rose in 2007.

I listened to this news on Radio 1 and they were discussing a possible surprise appearance by fellow Inception-er Leonardo DiCaprio. Obviously they were just joking but how cool would that be. If it was to happen I'd want an announcement about it the day before release. Fans would go wild and the film, which I think will also easily top box office numbers for possibly the whole of 2012, would be even more successful.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Celebrity Look-alikes?

Marcus Wareing
Nestor Carbonell
Does anyone agree that celebrity chef Marcus Wareing and The Dark Knight Rises actor Nestor Carbonell look similar?

Join The Fish Fight Campaign

Hopefully some of my British readers will have seen Hugh's Fish Fight on More 4 recently. I've jumped on the band wagon and signed the petition to end fight discard (dead fish being thrown back in the sea because of EU laws). It's easy to do and only takes a minute.

Join the Fish Fight at or scroll down on this page and find the fish fight widget on the right hand side and sign up from there.

Thanks everyone!

Jason Statham Up For New Thriller 'Parker'

British Hard-man Jason Statham
Taylor Hackford's new thriller Parker has attracted the interest of British action man Jason Statham reports Variety. The film will come out of a series of books by Donald Westlake and bring us the story of a thief and his code of honour which includes him not stealing money from those who need it. Director Taylor Hackford, who is married to Helen Mirren, reported his enthusiasm for his first project in the film noir genre. He said "I don't want to get stuck in a genre. What I like the most about this piece of material is that you can take a genre piece like this and turn it into a great movie'. When I first read this piece the thief/code of honour bit really put me off and made me imagine a monotonous and very cheesy film that centred around Statham who, after seeing some dire films of his (Chaos) and beginning to find to his voice very grating, has gone way down in my estimations. Who else is fed up of Statham doing pretty much the same films all the time?

However, my opinion changed slightly when I saw it was to be in the film noir genre. I can't really picture Statham doing such a film convincingly if I'm honest but at least it marks a change in what has been a very one-dimensional career. It will be interesting to see if this film is a success but I can't feel excited for much Statham does anymore. He appealed to my boyish love of explosions and car chases but now it all seems false and ridiculous. Maybe he can pull something new out of his repertoire here. 

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Planet Of The Apes (2001)

On The Fence - 3/5
So I saw this film the other day called 'Planet Of The Apes'. This was the 2001 Tim Burton remake that has taken a lot of stick since its release but I thought I'd offer up a review before the new film (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes) is released. Unfortunately I have not at this time seen the 1968 original but will be adding it to the to-see list. With this remake in mind I can see why it has taken a lot of stick. However, the film had its moments and I wouldn't totally write it off as a mediocre sci-fi film. I think everyone gives it such bad reviews in comparison to the original. I have the benefit of it being my first foray into the Planet Of The Apes realm. I may have to edit this review upon seeing the original however.

In terms of its storyline the film was far-fetched at times and even laughable in places. Despite a sublime costume/make-up showing the film still felt comedic in places it shouldn't have. The special effects left much to be desired towards the end and I would challenge anyone to try and spot the numerous amount of mistakes that caused me annoyance at the start of the film. Mark Wahlberg gave one of his breathless and very monotonous performances just as he did in The Happening which was something I could have done without. The stand outs in terms of acting in this one would have to go to Tim Roth, who played Thade, and Paul Giamatti who was endearing as well as being slimy as the slave controller Limbo. I mentioned earlier how effective the make-up was in the film and this was proved with the fact that by the end of the film I was looking to the credits to see who was who. I didn't even realise that Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile was in it until now.

As I have said I'm sure that upon watching the original I will realise that this movie was poor in comparison but for now I'll say it's just O.K. Nothing more nothing less. I wouldn't recommend it but at the same time I wouldn't condemn someone for wanting to watch it. You'll have to use your own judgement on this one.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bags Yet Another Role

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
After widely spread news of Gordon-Levitt's confirmed involvement in The Dark Knight Rises, MSN Movies has now revealed the star has bagged yet another role, this time in the Asia-set sci-fi thriller Looper. Whilst promoting the film in Asia, the actor said "I feel now, doing Looper, is the result of what happened with Inception. It is something I have been working for my whole life.". It certainly sounds like the star has found a role that he feels will be the making of his career coming off the back of the success of Inception.

Looper will be directed by Rian Johnson and will also star Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. So far there is little information about the film but IMDb has revealed a small piece of information about the plot: "A killer who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets as his future self". It sounds mysterious and should make waves if it lives up to Levitt's estimations. Chinese actress Xu Qing will also feature and has said in interview that "It is like nothing I have seen before. It has action. It has romance. It also deals with philosophy. I really like it.". This looks like one to watch out for. 

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nestor Carbonell Latest Addition To The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises New Addition
The sequel of the film which arguably contained Heath Ledger's greatest role (The Dark Knight) has already attracted a lot of attention of the movie news world and has attracted a multitude of stars to boot. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Joseph Gorden-Levitt are among the host of talent on display. Variety reports that Nestor Carbonell's name can be added to this list and that he will likely reprise his role as Mayor Garcia. The Dark Knight Rises certainly seems like it will be a massive hit and this will come as no surprise to those who have seen the first film. The success of The Dark Knight was massive and I'm sure this will rub off on the sequel.

The Dark Knight Rises is set for release on July 20th 2012. There is an amount of secrecy surrounding the planned storyline of the film and director Christopher Nolan will want it to stay that way. Fervour is building around the film and fans will be left itching for word of the threequel's finale plot. For now we will have to wait but it certainly looks set to smash the box office.

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleeping Beauty trailer 2011

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt To Reunite?

Edward Norton
Fight Club Star Edward Norton
We all remember the famous pairing for the brilliant movie Fight Club between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Indeed, that is where many of us will have picked up our adoration of the two. So news that the two are willing to reunite in a new film come as a fantastic surprise to lovers of the aforementioned film. Both actors have done many brilliant films since their pairing back in 1999. Edward Norton has been busy with projects such as The Incredible Hulk, although I must add his recent work cannot stand up to his late-nineties movies such as American History X, and the ever busy Brad Pitt has been involved in films such as Inglorious Basterds and Babel. The news that the two do plan to team up again is very intriguing and exciting.

The Independent reported the story and revealed that Edward Norton said that a reunion is "a possibility,". He also explained how the two have discussed the matter: "We've talked about it but me and Brad being in something together is a complicated thing to put together.". Certainly no plans are set in stone but a reunion is definitely on the cards. How exciting a prospect is this? Would it be a waste of time for the two to team up again with a film that presumably won't measure up to Fight Club? Have your say below.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Helena Bonham Carter In Talks To Play Miss Havisham

Mrs Havisham Possibility
A while back it was reported that Mike Newell, the director of Prince Of Persia, was to adapt a new version of Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. Now Total Film has revealed that one of the most significant roles (Mrs Havisham) is close to being filled by Helena Bonham Carter. If you are familiar with the novel you'll remember the scene where Dickens goes into great lengths describing the character in her dingy room still wearing her wedding dress and looking about as ragged and mad as the characters we are used to Carter playing. Imagine a cross between her previous characters Bellatrix Letrange (Harry Potter), Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd) and Marla Singer (Fight Club) and stick her in a wedding dress. Then you'll have something close to Mrs Havisham. If she is cast Newell can feel glad that the important part is in capable and very apt hands.

The lead role of Pip is reportedly on its way to Jeremy Irvine who will soon star in Steven Speilberg's War Horse. Production is scheduled to begin this year with release set for 2012 to mark Dickens' bicentenary.

How effective would Helena Bonham Carter be as Mrs Havisham? Have your say below.

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

2011 Cannes Film Festival Line-Up Announced

So The Cannes Film Festival roles around again and today the line-up has been released. Woody Allen's new film Midnight In Paris is drawing interest but I'm sure Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be one to miss. The Tree Of Life also features. Here is the full line-up:

Opening film:
Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris

Main competition:

Pedro Almodóvar - La Piel que Habito
Bertrand Bonello - L'Apollonide: Souvenirs de la Maison Close
Alain Cavalier - Pater
Joseph Cedar - Hearat Shulayim
Nuri Bilge Ceylan - Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da
Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne - Le Gamin au Vélo
Aki Kaurismäki - Le Havre
Naomi Kawase - Hanezu No Tsuki
Julia Leigh - Sleeping Beauty
Maïwenn Le Besco - Polisse
Terrence Malick - The Tree of Life
Radu Mihaileanu - La Source des Femmes (The Source)
Takashi Miike - Ichemei (Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai)
Nanni Moretti - Habemus PapamLynne Ramsay - We Need to Talk About Kevin
Markus Schleinzer - Michael
Paolo Sorrentino - This Must be the Place
Lars Von Trier - Melancholia
Nicolas Winding Refn - Drive

Un certain regard

Opening film:

Gus Van Sant - Restless

Bakur Bakuradze - The Hunter
Andreas Dresen - Halt auf Freier Strecke
Bruno Dumont - Hors Satan
Sean Durkin - Martha Marcy May Marlene
Robert Guédiguian - Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro
Oliver Hermanus - Skoonheid
Sangsoo Hong - The Day He Arrives
Cristián Jiménez - Bonsái
Eric Khoo - Tatsumi
Ki-duk Kim - Arirang
Nadine Labaki - Et Maintenant On Va Ou?
Catalin Mitulescu - Loverboy
Hong-jin Na - Yellow Sea
Gerardo Naranjo - Miss Bala
Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra - Trabalhar Cansa
Pierre Schoeller - L'exercice de L'etat
Ivan Sen - Toomelah
Joachim Trier - Oslo, August 31

Out of competition:

Xavier Durringer - La Conquête
Jodie Foster - The Beaver
Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
Rob Marshall - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Midnight screenings

Peter Ho-Sun Chan - Wu Xia
Everardo Gout - Dias de Gracia

Special screenings:

Frederikke Aspöck - Labrador
Rithy Panh - Le Maître des Forges de L'enfer
Michael Radford - Michel Petrucciani
Christian Rouaud - Tous au Larzac

The Road (2009)

Emotional and Shocking - 4/5
So I saw this film a few weeks ago called 'The Road'. The film consisted of dad Viggo Mortensen and son Kodi Smit-McPhee trying to live and survive in an apocalyptic world with many dangers. Films about post-apocalyptic worlds always grab my attention for some reason. They are always so cinematic and visually stunning. Films like 28 Days Later, Logan's Run and The Book Of Eli are so visually entertaining. There is something so awe-inspiring in seeing a well known landmark half buried in the ground of an entire city deserted because it relates to places people themselves may have been. I think therein lies the magic of post-apocalyptic films. The Road certainly fitted perfectly into this genre and was indeed as if not more visually beautiful than any of the other films mentioned. What The Road also included was an emotional father and son based story with some truly shocking and even upsetting moments.

I can't think of many types of film fans who wouldn't enjoy this film. Yes, at times the story became monotonous due to the similar setting the whole way through, but overall it was brilliant. It will appeal to fans of gore, horror, thriller and tearjerkers alike. This is due in large part to the acting on show. Mortensen's couldn't have been better as the father. His performance felt like it was from the heart. You could feel the helplessness of their situation through his performance and he evoked strong emotions. Charlize Theron's small appearance as his wife was equally emotional and Kodi Smit-McPhee delivered a mature performance from such a young actor. The relatively unknown Michael K. Williams (Thief) provided us with probably the best scene in the film and held his own against the more well known actors. And did anyone realise the old man was Robert Duvall before the credits? Pretty good make-up there.

Some viewers may find this film upsetting and if you aren't patient this film could have you turning it off before it gets going. However if you give it a chance this film can really surprise you. I wouldn't say everyone will enjoy it but everyone has the potential to.

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Eisenberg Confirmed For Woody Allen Film

On Tuesday I reported that Alec Baldwin was all but set to be confirmed as the new star of Woody Allen's newest movie and also that Jesse Eisenberg was set to take the lead role. Today MSN Movies reported that the rumour had been confirmed and that Eisenberg had bagged the lead role in the Allen project that will be shot in Rome. This came along with confirmation that Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz will also star in the project. The as yet untitled film will surely now attract more attention as the man of the hour (Eisenberg) joins the cast. Everything he touches since 'The Social Network' seems to be turning to gold recently and his inclusion is sure to get people paying to see this one when it comes out.  The young Ellen Page will also bring a young audience to the film after her roles in recent blockbusters such as 'Inception'.

The chemistry that is possible between Eisenberg and Page should be a notable part of the film and I'm sure we will see a form of love interest here. Page worked so well with the geeky understated Michael Cera when they starred together in 'Juno' and has found a similar co-star in the form of Eisenberg. The two are talented when it comes to quick paced witticism and should work off each other well. If Allen manages to form an interesting story around the pairing this film could be one to watch out for.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Machete (2010)

Confusing - 2.5/5
So I saw this film just now called 'Machete'. This was the Rodriguez's film about a man fighting against those who have wronged him and fighting against injustice to the Mexican people. I'm quite unsure as to just what film genre this one fits into. I can't work out if it was trying to make fun of itself along the way or if it was a totally serious film. If the attempt was to make it into the later then it was a failed one. The only way I would recommend this film is for the entertainment value. It was similar to 'Black Dynamite' in a way, it seemed as if everything was over exaggerated in a piss take way. However, unlike with 'Black Dynamite', I felt like this movie was tring to make a serious point. I didn't really get it.

In terms of entertainment value and downright manliness, main man Danny Trejo was fairly good. He was probably the pick of the bunch and some of the action and fighting scenes he was involved in were pretty impressive. On a side note, take a look at Trejo's profile on IMDb. I don't think I've ever seen an actor with quite that many roles. 209 to be precise! He's a busy man.

Back to the film and 'Machete' provided Robert De Niro's worst film role. He played a racist, ignorant US Senator, and quite badly at that. Lindsey Lohan's role was slightly funny because it felt as if she didn't have to do much acting to play it convincingly! Jessica Alba was poor and I don't think this will go down as one of Steven Seagal's best. However I would applaud Michelle Rodriguez for her performance. I'm beginning to be quite a big fan of hers; I think she manages to portray emotion well and can certainly kick some ass.

To conclude, I wouldn't recommend this film unless you enjoyed 'Black Dynamite' and are going to watch it from a similar perspective. If you are looking for a genuinely good film with an effective plot you've come to the wrong place.

Denzel's Film Scares Local Population

'Safe House', Denzel Washington's new crime film set in Cape Town, has proved slightly too real for local residents in the area who feared gang violence had returned overnight after hearing the sounds of automatic gunfire during the night from the film set. Feared locals were calling in to radio station to express their fear. MSN Movies revealed that Dennis Lilie, head of the Cape Film Commission, said the producers had authorisation to film a car chase sequence that involved firing blanks and had informed the residents of what was to happen. He also admitted the sound carried further than expected.

"Safe House' is the story of a team of villains who destroy a CIA safe house in Cape Town. Alongside Dezel will star Ryan Reynolds and the Irish actor Brendan Gleeson. Seeing Washington in a bad-ass role is always a pleasure but I'm not too sure about Reynolds. He doesn't seem right for a crime thriller in Cape Town but recently he has made his way into more serious films (Buried). Unlike Reynolds Brendan Gleeson sounds perfect for the film. The movie is set for release in February 2012.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'Holy Rollers' HD Trailer

Baldwin And Eisenberg Tipped For New Woody Allen Film

Woody Allen's new comedy film which will be set in Rome is said to have found its first major star. Deadline have reported that Alec Baldwin has all but signed up to the project which will make it the first time Allen and Baldwin have teamed up since 1990 with 'Alice'. The film will follow Baldwin's coming appearance in the Warner Bros. film 'Rock Of Ages' in an adaptation of the Broadway musical alongside stars such as Tom Cruise. And what of 'The Social Network' star Jesse Eisenberg? Yes, he too may be starring the film and is in line to take the lead role. The new fan favourite's involvement is as yet just a rumour but he could just bag it.

Allen's current project 'Midnight In Paris', a romantic comedy that centre's on the French capital, is set to be released in May of this year and will star Owen Wilson and Michael Sheen among others. Allen seems to be continuing his run of writing/directing at least one film each year. With that amount of traffic it's no surprise some of them have gone unappreciated so only time will tell if this latest film will get the critics in a positive mood. If Eisenberg does become involved however the film would gain a level of prestige that comes with a hot young star joining a cast.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

My 10 Most Annoying Film Characters

What follows are possibly the most annoying ten characters cast in film ever. They make us want to scratch our eyes out and we hate them for it. Here goes:

God They Are So Annoying
10 - General Trautman (Richard Crenna) in the Rambo Trilogy. It wasn't so much that he was just outwardly annoying but that he was so entirely monotonous that he began to grate by the end.

9 - Fredo Corleone (John Cazale) in The Godfather Part II. He is severely slimy in personality and ultimately got what was coming to him.

8 - Det. Sgt. Della Pesca (Dan Hedaya) in The Hurricane. You'll remember him as the guy who constantly tried to put Denzel's character away for crimes he didn't commit. Prick.

7 - Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott) from the American Pie films. Some may find his antics funny but underneath everything he was so annoying it hurt. 

6 - Gavin Cavanagh (Rhys Ifans) in The Boat That Rocked. I really didn't think it suited Ifans to play a man so far up his own arse.  

5 - White Goodman (Ben Stiller) from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. In this one Stiller played the leader of the Cobras dodgeball team and couldn't have been more annoying. 

4 - Alduous Snow (Russell Brand) from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek. I despise Brand and so these two characters proved to be my idea of hell.  

3 - Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. I severely disliked this characters due to his egotistical personality and his sense of entitlement.  

2 - Tia Russell (Jean Louisa Kelly) from Uncle Buck. She was the eldest of the three children and was a complete tearaway and annoying bitch. Do what John Candy tells you!

1 - Checkov (Anton Yelchin) in Star Trek (2009). If you don't remember he was the Russian engineer guy. I've never seen such as mix of a high voice, stupid jokes and a dodgy Russian accent in my life. He definitely takes the title of most annoying film character. AHHHHHHHHHH

Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet

This is a list of my favourite movie for each letter. I know many people have done these recently but I thought my blog could do with one. Front Room Cinema inspired me to do my own after I read his. Here's mine:

A is for American Gangster
B is for Beowulf
C is for Cast Away
D is for Deep Impact
E is for Eagle Eye
F is for Forrest Gump 
G is for Gran Torino 
H is for The Hurricane 
I is for The Italian Job (1969) 
J is for Jack 
K is for Kung Fu Panda 
L is for Logan's Run 
M is for Man On Fire 
N is for No Country For Old Men 
O is for Office Space 
P is for The Pursuit Of Happyness 
Q is for Quantum Of Solace 
R is for Return To Paradise 
S is for Swiss Family Robinson 
T is for Training Day 
U is for Up 
V is for Valkyrie 
W is for The Warriors 
X is for X-Men
Y is for Y Tu Mama Tambien  
Z is for Zulu 

How did I do? Anyone agree/disagree? Post a comment and let me know.  

'Ant-Man' Script Coming Along

Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have revealed that a second version of a script for the Marvel film 'Ant-Man' has been delivered. Superhero Hype revealed that Joe Cornish said at Kapow! Comic Con.: "We delivered the second draft of Ant-Man two days ago, and we're really happy with it.". For those of you who don't know, Edgar Wright is the filmmaker behind 'Shaun Of The Dead' and Joe Cornish is the director of new film 'Attack The Block', so their involvement guarantees a certain level of comedy and action from this Marvel character and the film based around him. Although the film is in the very early stages and has not begun production this news seems to suggest the project will be on the cards.

Personally I'm not a fan of comic book films but what does everyone think of all these Marvel films?

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The Matador (2005)

Brosnan's Best Role - 3.5/5
So I saw this film a while ago called 'The Matador' and I think I can honestly say it's the only film I've ever seen that I enjoyed Pierce Brosnan's performance. I'm entirely fed up of Brosnan's monotonous ramblings and one-dimensional performances these days (The Ghost Writer) which meant that his role as an outspoken hit man travelling the globe was totally refreshing. I actually saw a glimpse of his talents for once. The role brought him out of his shell and proved he can perform in the anti-hero role effectively. If you've lost you faith in Brosnan like I had I urge you to watch this film. It cannot make up for the bore that is his career but it sheds a new light on the man. The is his best film since 'Tomorrow Never Dies' and I never liked that film for his performance but rather, watching it as a young boy, for the explosions and cool cars.

I always find Greg Kinnear's bumbling performances of men lacking self-confidence enjoyable and 'The Matador' provides another similar role for him. Obviously I've never met him but he seems like a nice guy, the kind of guy you could have a beer with. He always comes across that way to me and I think that's why I enjoyed his performance here. He plays a character called Danny Wright who, after a major business setback, finds himself becoming friends with a hit man (Brosnan) and learning to relax. No it doesn't sound like one to watch but I'm not doing justice to the performances. Lets just say the film is better than it should be.

In short the film contains my favourite Brosnan performance to date and another Kinnear role that will make you smile. This won't be a movie everyone will like but it's worth a go.

Liam Neeson Cut Out Of 'The Hangover Part 2'

Liam Neeson previously shot a cameo scene as a Bangkok tattoo artist for the upcoming comedy sequel 'The Hangover Part II', a part which was original envisaged to be for Mel Gibson, revealed Coming Soon. However, after some scene changes his cameo role had to be cut to keep the plot line coherent. Director Todd Phillips promised this was the only reason for the cut and contacted Neeson to re-shoot the scene but found him to be too busy filming the sequel to 'Clash Of The Titans'. Nick Cassavetes now plays the role we will see on screen. He revealed that "We were in a complete time crunch so I called up Nick and asked if he would do the part. He came in and crushed it and that is the scene that you will ultimately see in the film.".

In case you haven't been keeping up with the progress of the film, it is due for release on May 26th. 'The Hangover Part II' will follow the same characters as the first film but instead will be released upon Bangkok in a film that looks as if it will be a carbon copy of the first. I think this film will leave fans disappointed and annoyed as it seems a way to make a quick buck from the success of 'The Hangover'. 

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