Monday, 21 March 2011

Peter Jackson begins prodution of The Hobbit

Warner Brothers have announced today that production from the new film 'The Hobbit', which will chart the journeys of Bilbo Baggins and be brought to us over two parts, has begun in New Zealand where the famed 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy was also created by the famous director. So what can you look to expect from the film which won't see release until December 2012?

Long time 'Lord Of The Rings' actors Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen are reported to be featuring but you can also expect to see some of a number of rumoured new stars including James Nesbitt, David Tennant and even the great Leonard Nemoy! We'll have to wait and see just how many of these new stars get on board but even with just a few of them this film looks set to make huge numbers at the box office.


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