Monday, 21 February 2011

Beowulf (2007)

Best action animation ever - 5/5
So I saw this film a while back called 'Beowulf'. I had previously read the description and was like, yeah this sounds pretty sweet. The DVD cover also drew me in, and did not in any way lead me to believe it was an animation. So, after about five seconds into the film I was disappointed. I thought there was no way an animation could do justice to the age old epic poem that is 'Beowulf'. Boy I was wrong.
I have literally never seen an animation like it. It contained arguably more gore than your average horror! I suppose you can get away with more when animation is involved. However, the action still took my breath away. After the first scene of fighting between the fearsome Beowulf and his men and the genuinely gruesome monster Grendel I was gobsmacked. How could they create an animation like this? It was utterly fantastic. Add to all this an A-list cast including the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone and John Malkovich, whose role I actually didn't enjoy, and you can see why I found this flick so encapsulating.
The ending was possibly one of the greatest scenes I have ever laid my eyes on, and no, I'm not joking. Hugely cinematic scenes were created to great effect. If you haven't seen this film, just try to imagine a naked Beowulf leaping, sword outstretched, at a dragon, plunging the sword deep into the dragon's neck and sliding down the length of it and then half severing his own arm to enable him to pierce the heart of the dragon. Pretty cool right?
Now I'm not sure just how accurate to historical fact this film really is, but that is the beauty of the original poem. It was very much an embellishment of possible truths of the time. In my opinion the film captured this magic, the sort of magic that only comes from mis-truths and from overestimating the facts. The film certainly captured the excitment surrounding myths and legends of the time and it could not have been done better.
Would I recom..GO AND SEE IT!!!


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