Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Denzel's Film Scares Local Population

'Safe House', Denzel Washington's new crime film set in Cape Town, has proved slightly too real for local residents in the area who feared gang violence had returned overnight after hearing the sounds of automatic gunfire during the night from the film set. Feared locals were calling in to radio station to express their fear. MSN Movies revealed that Dennis Lilie, head of the Cape Film Commission, said the producers had authorisation to film a car chase sequence that involved firing blanks and had informed the residents of what was to happen. He also admitted the sound carried further than expected.

"Safe House' is the story of a team of villains who destroy a CIA safe house in Cape Town. Alongside Dezel will star Ryan Reynolds and the Irish actor Brendan Gleeson. Seeing Washington in a bad-ass role is always a pleasure but I'm not too sure about Reynolds. He doesn't seem right for a crime thriller in Cape Town but recently he has made his way into more serious films (Buried). Unlike Reynolds Brendan Gleeson sounds perfect for the film. The movie is set for release in February 2012.

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