Thursday, 5 May 2011

From Paris With Love (2010)

Watchable - 3/5
So I saw this film today called From Paris With Love and I have to admit I went into it with low expectations. I find myself sceptical that anything John Travolta stars in these days will be cheesy and will mar a stain on his career. For me nothing can compare to his earlier work such as Pulp Fiction and I don't think he'll ever find that kind of cult following again. From Paris With Love however wasn't all that bad. It certainly had its moments, most of which actually included Travolta, and I am glad to say that he didn't embarrass himself with his performance. I think the highlight for me however was hearing Travolta repeat those timeless words 'royale with cheese'.

The storyline followed a duo of cops who contrast each other extremely (I wonder how many other films do the exact same) and basically consisted of Travolta kicking ass and Jonathan Rhys Meyers cowering in a corner. The film didn't focus too much on the plot but instead just focused on explosions, gun battles and blood. For many films forgetting about a riveting storyline would see it fade into the realm of poor films but I
found I wasn't bothered by it this time around. I just enjoyed the action scenes for what they were and came away thinking 'yeah, it's a fairly decent action film'.

So it's not the greatest film in the world and it will hardly blow you away on an emotional, spiritual or intellectual level but it does what it says on the tin and, for what it's worth, it had a pretty decent ending. I'm glad it didn't over-complicate the story and I'm glad it wasn't a Travolta performance to make you cringe. It's worth a watch on a slow day.

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