Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Hurricane (1999)

Inspired - 4.5/5
So I saw this film a few months back called 'The Hurricane'. It features one of the coolest Hollywood actors alive today, Denzel Washington, who buffed up amazingly for this film. Although it is evident how much physical training Washington undertook for this film, I would argue that the mental training he pursued to play a factual character with such intellect made the film what it was. The key to this film, as with any film based on real life events, was for Denzel to cease being Denzel and to become Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. Washington seemingly managed this with such ease, making this performance truly magical.
Now as we know, the film is well documented for being loosely based on the true events. The fight we see at the start which in the film is portrayed as being fixed for racial reasons was a cause for the film to eventually be sued by the opponent Joey Giardello. If you had not heard of Rubin Carter before the film however, or if you had just heard his name in passing, these faults are of little importance. The fact is the film is a work of genius. Maybe it doesn't portray events exactly as they happened, but what films based on fact do? A certain level of embellishment is allowable if it will benefit the film and go on to inspire the audience. It certainly inspired me. This is the type of film that, after finishing, you immediately go on to look up Rubin Carter on Wikipedia. It has to be done. Carter becomes your hero for those few hours without any prior knowledge of his existence. Much of the credit for this must certainly go to Washington for his splendid performance.
Inspiring is what this film was intended to be and inspiring was what it was. The soundtrack helped, with Bob Dylan's song 'Hurricane' heavily featured, helping the audience relate the film to real life. Incorporated into the film were black and white films of the controversy surrounding Carter's arrest which again related the film back to the real events. Very effective.
Would I recommend it? Most certainly. Get your computer ready for when it finishes too.


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