Thursday, 14 April 2011

Eisenberg Confirmed For Woody Allen Film

On Tuesday I reported that Alec Baldwin was all but set to be confirmed as the new star of Woody Allen's newest movie and also that Jesse Eisenberg was set to take the lead role. Today MSN Movies reported that the rumour had been confirmed and that Eisenberg had bagged the lead role in the Allen project that will be shot in Rome. This came along with confirmation that Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz will also star in the project. The as yet untitled film will surely now attract more attention as the man of the hour (Eisenberg) joins the cast. Everything he touches since 'The Social Network' seems to be turning to gold recently and his inclusion is sure to get people paying to see this one when it comes out.  The young Ellen Page will also bring a young audience to the film after her roles in recent blockbusters such as 'Inception'.

The chemistry that is possible between Eisenberg and Page should be a notable part of the film and I'm sure we will see a form of love interest here. Page worked so well with the geeky understated Michael Cera when they starred together in 'Juno' and has found a similar co-star in the form of Eisenberg. The two are talented when it comes to quick paced witticism and should work off each other well. If Allen manages to form an interesting story around the pairing this film could be one to watch out for.

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Chimesfreedom said...

Thanks for the update. It does seem like the Page-Eisenberg pairing might make an interesting Woody Allen movie. It almost seems too obvious now that they would end up in one of his movies!

Jack Ibbetson said...

Haha I see what you mean. They are his type of actors. I think it will be good though.

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