Sunday, 3 April 2011

Travolta Confirmed In Mobster Role

MSN Movies has revealed that John Travolta has been cast in a highly anticipated film that charts the Gambino crime family. According to the site Travolta will star as the head of the crime family and the film will be titled 'Gotti: Three Generations'. I've got some major problems with the title of the film but the actual storyline sounds intriguing and Travolta certainly sounds like a good pick to head up the mobster flick. Film spokesman Steve Honig revealed that the film has a budget of $75 million which I would imagine leaves room for some great action scenes.

I'm hoping this one will take Travolta back to his 'Pulp Fiction' days with lots of blood and violence. However, I've not seen him in this sort of role before and I'm sure now that he is in his late fifties he will create and very convincing head to a crime family. I am also interested in who will co-star in this one. It will be a while until any firm details are announced as this one is set for release in 2013 but I'll be following it's progress and you should too. It looks like it will be awesome.

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