Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Star Trek (2009)

Totally Unconvincing - 3/5
So I saw this film just now called 'Star Trek' and first I would just like to mention that I am a total noob to the Trekkie world and because this film is my only experience of it if I write something that doesn't make sense it's only because I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

For me, the film was a total hotch-potch of different genres. It was a sci-fi action adventure thriller fantasy comedy. And before you ask, yes that is way too many genres for one film. It felt overly busy and rushed the whole way through. The film didn't have an identity due to this. The efforts at comedy throughout annoyed the crap out of me. I've just been watching Spok lose his entire planet and his mother and then Simon Pegg comes in with a quick joke. It just doesn't tie in together. How can this film pertain to be believable when it pulls stuff like that? If I was a 'Star Trek' fan I would have felt slightly put out that my favourite TV series had been turned into this rubbish. I think J.J.Abrams, who personally I really admire, got something very wrong with this film. The only comedy that should have made it into this film was Simon Pegg's part, everyone else should have been more serious and then it could be called a credible adaptation.

Main man Chris Pine was, at times, genuine and effective but then again the script would spoil it and he would make some stupid quip. His character would have been perfect as the main character from 'Employee Of The Month', that's how dire it was at times. Does anyone agree with this?

The one thing I would say that I enjoyed about this film was the visuals. In this sense the film was stunning. The special effects were convincing and they managed to wow me on occassion. Unfortunately for J.J.Abrams, special effects are no substitute for a coherent storyline and a believable cast. For these reasons I would advise you to stay well clear of this one.


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