Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Road (2009)

Emotional and Shocking - 4/5
So I saw this film a few weeks ago called 'The Road'. The film consisted of dad Viggo Mortensen and son Kodi Smit-McPhee trying to live and survive in an apocalyptic world with many dangers. Films about post-apocalyptic worlds always grab my attention for some reason. They are always so cinematic and visually stunning. Films like 28 Days Later, Logan's Run and The Book Of Eli are so visually entertaining. There is something so awe-inspiring in seeing a well known landmark half buried in the ground of an entire city deserted because it relates to places people themselves may have been. I think therein lies the magic of post-apocalyptic films. The Road certainly fitted perfectly into this genre and was indeed as if not more visually beautiful than any of the other films mentioned. What The Road also included was an emotional father and son based story with some truly shocking and even upsetting moments.

I can't think of many types of film fans who wouldn't enjoy this film. Yes, at times the story became monotonous due to the similar setting the whole way through, but overall it was brilliant. It will appeal to fans of gore, horror, thriller and tearjerkers alike. This is due in large part to the acting on show. Mortensen's couldn't have been better as the father. His performance felt like it was from the heart. You could feel the helplessness of their situation through his performance and he evoked strong emotions. Charlize Theron's small appearance as his wife was equally emotional and Kodi Smit-McPhee delivered a mature performance from such a young actor. The relatively unknown Michael K. Williams (Thief) provided us with probably the best scene in the film and held his own against the more well known actors. And did anyone realise the old man was Robert Duvall before the credits? Pretty good make-up there.

Some viewers may find this film upsetting and if you aren't patient this film could have you turning it off before it gets going. However if you give it a chance this film can really surprise you. I wouldn't say everyone will enjoy it but everyone has the potential to.

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Rachel [ f.g.i. ] said...

This movie is very character-driven, so I think it does appeal to a wide range of film fans, so long as they're patient. Although it is slow-paced and almost too depressing to watch, you can't help but realize just how talented Viggo is!

By the way, Michael K. Williams is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets - you must watch HBO's series "THE WIRE." He is a true legend!!!

The ending of this movie really got to me, and it was so tragic yet beautiful...

Candice Frederick said...

i really wanted to like this movie, but couldn't. it dragged and i felt it didn't reach me emotionally, like it should have. big disappointment to me. still love viggo though!

Jack Ibbetson said...

Wow I will check out The Wire thanks!Yeah Viggo was a stand out. I think these two comments are a perfect example of how opinion can be split on this one.

Andy Buckle said...

In the visuals, the atmosphere and the performances, this is a great film. A very fine novel, the screenplay managed to captured the best bits too. I thought a few of the central themes were only addressed in passing, which limited the emotional resonance of the conclusion in particular! I agree with the above comment from Rachel, Michael K. Williams owns his role in The Wire, which is also one of the greatest television shows ever made!

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