Friday, 13 May 2011

Ethan Hawke Signs On To 'Total Recall'

Ethan Hawke
Training Day and Staten Island star Ethan Hawke has signed on for a cameo role in the new reboot of Total Recall which will star Colin Farrell in the role Arnold Schwarzenegger first brought us. The remake has been penned by Kurt Wimmer and is based on a story by Philip K Dick.

Details of Hawke's cameo appearance are being kept secret according to THR. Kate Beckinsale has been offered the part of Lori, who Sharon Stone played in the 1990 version. Beckinsale is married to director Len Wiseman. Jessica Biel, Rosario Dawson and Eva Mendes are competing for the role of Melina, the character who helps Farrell's character Doug Quaid get to the bottom of the scandal.

The original film focused on Quaid buying a dream vacation to try and escape a recurring dream of journeying to Mars. He then believes he is a secret agent and attempts to overthrow the ruler. The new film will show some differences to the original in that there will be two nation states (Euromerica and New
Shanghai) with Quaid beginning to believe he is a spy but not sure of which side he is on.

Shooting for the film will begin in June.


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