Thursday, 3 March 2011

Youth In Revolt (2009)

Cera does dual personality well - 3.5/5
So I saw this film last night called 'Youth In Revolt'. The reason I had been looking forward to this film was because I thought I would see Michael Cera in playing a bad-boy image much unlike many of his other films. We only saw fleeting glimpses of this persona but it was enough. I enjoyed seeing Cera's dual personality and I think he portrayed the alter ego Francois with flair. I wouldn't have thought Cera would be able to pull off a moustache wearing, cigarette smoking womaniser for one second so it was a nice surprise to see him in a role such as this, even if it was only for a bit. His performance as the intelligent, witty, shy and understated character Nick Twisp also did him justice. This is the type of role we are used to seeing Cera in and I was worried it could become a tad repetitive. However, he manages to bring something new to this role; whether it was the inclusion of a dual personality that allowed him to achieve this.
The actual storyline I thought was slightly off at times, major events seemed to happen while passing us by in a flash. However, it managed to stay coherent and funny throughout. You do find yourself asking a lot of questions throughout the film about how Nick Twisp has escaped the law, but I suppose we are meant to thank the brashness of his alter ego for this. The inclusion of beautiful well animated scenes integrated into the film added an indie touch to the proceedings which I actually liked. Ray Liotta's cameo role, as do many of his smaller roles, left much to be desired however.
I feel as if I may be leaning to much towards male actors in this blog, so lets give a hand to Portia Doubleday's performance in the biggest film of her career so far. She was both charismatic and captivating and it seemed like it was meant for the audience to have the same reaction as Nick Twisp when she broke the news about having a boyfriend at the start of the film. Going back to Michael Cera for a minute; this is the type of audience reaction evoked by Cera's geeky and understated performances. We end up rooting for him. This ultimately led to the ending being just what we expected and hoped for.
Would I recommend it? If you're a fan of 'Juno' you'll love this. 


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