Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chaos (2005)

Waste of Time - 2/5
So I saw this film yesterday called 'Chaos' and I have to say straight from the off that it is certainly one to miss. At the start we get some hostage scenes that are exactly like every other hostage film. However, what sets 'Chaos' apart is that so many other hostage films were made before it. We have seen this type of thing before and it displays not a jot of freshness or imagination. It is just too similar at the start to films such as 'The Negotiator', 'Speed' and 'Hostage' and at times 'Along Came A Spider'. So right there is a list of four films, all made before this one, that have already done what 'Chaos' tried to do. The start of the film therefore was rather boring.

As the storyline progressed director Tony Giglio tried to incorporate new elements to the film but most of these were ineffective. The twist at the end was unexpected but I didn't really care by that point. When it came to acting the film managed to go downhill even more. I used to look forward to anything with Jason Statham in but now I've seen so much of his work that I've realised he always plays the same character. That husky London accent has become grating and nothing he does seems fresh anymore. As for Ryan Phillippe, I see him popping up all the time taking on a role that his baby face just isn't suited to. By the end we are supposed to be in awe of what he has achieved despite seemingly being a total rookie, but I wasn't. He isn't right for these roles.

What really ground my gears about the film was its title. All the way through they tried to link everything to the Chaos Theory, thereby reinforcing the choice of title. How was this related at all to the Chaos Theory?!? It seems like they finished the film and had no title to it so just linked in something that most people don't understand and named the film after it. There was absolutely no link. I felt the film was a waste of my time and I certainly would not recommend it.


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