Monday, 7 March 2011

In The Loop (2009)

Better than this sausage - 4.5/5
So I saw this amazing film the other day called 'In The Loop'. After previously seeing the trailer the fast-paced witticism that oozed from said trailer meant I knew I would enjoy this film. I was not wrong. The film contained an aggresive amaerican bully, played perfectly by James Gandolfini, and a rather smaller and less exuberant British alternative in the form of Tom Hollander. Metaphors such as this were packed into this film in an obvious and yet still highly enjoyable way. What I enjoyed most? Peter Capaldi's swearing! I've never heard anything like it! The Scottish accent was exceedingly effective in bringing the rage and frustration out in this part and Capaldi made me laugh out loud on many occassions. That's what this film is, a succession of main parts all played beautifully by a range of very fine actors.
As I sit here eating a good old english breakfast I think I want to watch this movie again. It's one of those types of film, the ones that you can quite happily re-visit after only a few days to pack a host more laughs into your day. The quick pace and quirky comedic style used by director Armando Iannucci means you don't have time to 'settle in' to this film. That it exactly how it should have been, you were supposed to get swept off into the realms of extremely funny political relationships and swearing on a whole new level. I highly suggest this film to anyone , with a slight knowledge of politics probably being an advantage. Even Steve Coogan made his way into the flick as an aggrieved constituant. All in all what this film manages to do is cram everything that is good about comedy into 106 minutes. You'll be laughing well after it finishes too.
Would I recommend it? Do you even need to ask?


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