Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Wild (2006)

Relied on the Laughs 3/5
So I saw this film today called 'The Wild'. Despite a very basic storyline which lacked any real imagination, Disney managed to come away with something watchable. Saying that however, it was only until about an hour into the film that I realised I had seen it before. Not the most memorable flick ever it seems. It didn't lack in stars; Disney packed in Kiefer Sutherland, William Shatner and most impressive of the lot, Eddie Izzard. Izzard's character Nigel provided much of the comedy throughout the film and kept the film going in scenes where it otherwise would have lagged. Jim Belushi's character Benny also had the same effect but on a smaller scale. Izzard was certainly the shining light in this one.
Screenplay writers Ed Decter and John J. Strauss deserve praise for the script. It certainly did not lack pace; with both Izzard and Belushi's wit shining through in a quick-fire comedy. No it isn't the funniest film you'll ever see but believe me, without the hint of gentle comedy, this film would definitely have been one to miss. With it, Disney manages to make another ok family film. It's no 'Lion King', but it will have to do.One point to add; if you watch this you may agree that, at times, it feels like parts are copied from both 'Madagascar' and 'Ice Age'. Just saying.
Overall I would have to describe it as a good kids film, with moments that will occasionally make adult laugh. Nothing overly impressive but its not one to avoid.
Would I recommend it? I guess so.


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