Thursday, 17 March 2011

Date Night (2010)

Carell's Best Film - 4/5
So I saw this film yesterday called 'Date Night' with the ever wonderful Steve Carell. I've got to say, I think this is my favourite Carell film to date. When you think about it, Carell has really not been on the big scene for very long. The first thing I saw him in was 'Anchorman' and that was only in 2003. For the amount of time he has been around it is amazing at just how successful he has become. The reason why I say 'Date Night' is his best film yet is that it differs somewhat from everything else he has done. 'Evan Almighty' was exactly like 'Bruce Almighty' which didn't differ enormously from 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'. In fact the only two films other than this one that I found him memorable in were 'Dan In Real Life' and 'Little Miss Sunshine' again because these were films unlike what we had seen from him before. Although Carell brings his normal brand of outlandish comedy to us again in 'Date Night', he manages to do so with much more emotion and a more genuine feel to his performance.

The stand out for me in this one was Tina Fey's role as Carell's wife Claire. I never knew she was so funny! Her quirkiness and alternative style to comedy fitted this film so well. We normally see Carell with wife that a man of his personality would never get but here we get a perfect match in which they were both able to bounce off each other and come up with some very funny stuff.

Possibly the funniest moment of the film was a nice double act scene with James Franco and Mila Kunis. Kunis has made a very quick leap to stardom recently having only been involved in blockbuster films since 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' in 2008. Franco has made an almost equally rapid journey to success and in this scene we can clearly see why. The two work so well with each other and even though it was just a fleeting moment of hilarity it was my favourite scene of the film.

This film brought to the table real life emotional events mixed with hilarity and absurdity and left me with a smile on my face. I would recommend this to anyone.


Castor said...

By no means is this a perfect movie but I had a good time watching this. Steve Carell and Tina Fey have really great chemistry and it's enough to make it worth a watch. It's definitely as hilarious as you might expect but there is an underlying layer of honesty about mid-life that is quite unexpected.

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