Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Invention of Lying (2009)

Just for the tearjerker moment - 3.5/5
So I saw this film a while back called 'The Invention of Lying'. After previously entering a Ricky Gervais film with skepticism at how well he could actually act and then being nicely surprised by the performance ('Ghost Town' (2008)), Imade sure not to begin this film in the same frame of mind. However, I probably should have. Where 'Ghost Town' excelled, 'The Invention of Lying' fell down.
Ok, so you're gonna write a film about a world where everybody can only tell the truth. Fine. But why does this mean that people sporadically spurt out anything contained in their head? Just becuase people can only tell the truth, it doesn't mean they say whatever is up top. That's just stupid. And that was what struck me at the start of the film. At first I was like, 'yeah this is funny, but where is it going?'. It turned out that it was going nowehere fast. The orginal sense of hilarity that you get through people blurting out whatever they think, mainly at Ricky Gervais' expense, is soon replaced by a feeling that the writers stuck to the title of the film and had no way of diverting themselves from convincing us that in this world, nobody can lie. We get it! Stop shoving it down our throats. However it was nice to see how Jennifer Garner's character began to break free of the constrictions of a society with very little opinion. Also I automatically dislike Rob Lowe after the way his character, Gervais' more talented colleague, spoke to poor Ricky.
So the film wasn't great, but Gervais' acting skills; at times they stunned me. The scene where his mother is on her death bed, I have literally never been so moved by an actors tears as I was at that point. How does he do it? Of course this movie contains Gervais' off-hand style of comedy which is present in just about everything he does, but what struck me most was how he seemed to have grown an emotional style of acting. He held the film together, it needed him.
Would I recommend it? Hmmmm yeah, but I'd say you should watch 'Ghost Town' first.


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