Monday, 28 March 2011

Rocky (1976)

Inspirational Moments - 4/5
So I saw this film called 'Rocky' for the first time the other day. Yes, you heard correctly, for the first time. For some reason I have dismissed anything staring Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger my whole life as the whole muscle man beating everyone up really didn't appeal to me. But after watching the three 'Rambo' films recently and finding them reasonably enjoyable, I though it was about time to start on 'Rocky'. With three Oscars to its name, including Best Picture, I chose a good starting point. As of this moment I have not begun my Schwarzenegger viewing, but Stallone has now begun to appeal to me. Anyone else feel like this about actors such as these? Probably not.

Anyway on with the review, and I can see why this won Best Picture way back in 1977. Although the storyline was not the most exciting thing I've ever watched, the film captured some extremely emotion evoking and inspiring moments. Obviously I have to mention Stallone's run to the top of the stairs followed by fist pumps over a beautiful scene of Philadelphia. I know I'd never seen any of the 'Rocky' films before this, but that scene's reputation proceeded itself. It was a truly memorable moment and surely rates among man film lovers top 100 scenes ever. It has certainly made its way into mine.

The ending of the film was another truly inspirational one. I enjoyed how the result of the fight was so played down. It wasn't one of those attempts at not being cheesy by losing the final match (Dodgeball) that really are cheesy. By barely focusing on the result of the fight at all the film managed to capture the love between Rocky and Adrian, played well by a young Talia Shire, and capped a perfect end to the movie. I feel ashamed that I have waited this long to see one of the most famous films of all time but I can say it was definitely worth the wait.


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