Sunday, 27 March 2011

Disturbia (2007)

Surprisingly Good - 5/5
So I saw this film a while ago called 'Disturbia'. It is a sort of mock-horror film that doubles as a rom-com in places. I'm confused at what genre the film really is, but what matters is how good the film was. It is basically the story of an average teenage boy (Shia LaBeouf) who is under house arrest. This film would be good just on this premise, but in addition his neighbour, played by David Morse (who is capable of being pretty scary at times), has been murdering people. To top this off, his other neighbour is a gorgeous girl (Sarah Roemer) who joins up with LaBeouf to expose the goings on next door. Now I know all this sounds ridiculously fake, cheesy and very predictable, but honesty the film doesn't come across that way. If you're a fan of Shia, which I am, you will love it. He plays the role so well, evoking memories of 'Even Stevens', and brings his own brand of humour to the fore.

The horror element of this film, which most would describe more as thriller, is less appealing but is still effective. It is done it the style of the film. In a way the film reminded me of both 'American Beauty' and 'The 'Burbs', two classic films set only in one street that deal with the relationships between neighbours. Whilst it may not be a classic like the two aforementioned films, 'Disturbia' punches well above its weight. What I mean by this is that I was not expecting to enjoy the film and I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It's one of those films that you can just lie on the sofa and laugh along with. Ok, so the storyline isn't the most ingenious thing ever written, but if it makes you laugh it can still be considered a good film. I can imagine many of you will disagree with me on this one so please leave a comment. Don't bash me too much though.

Personally I would recommend this one to anybody, especially fans of Shia LaBeouf or the two similar films I alluded to earlier. It is one that will surprise you and which deserves more recognition.


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