Saturday, 23 April 2011

Roth Wants Rockwell For His New Film

Reservoir Dogs Star Tim Roth
Reservoir Dogs star Tim Roth says he would like Sam Rockwell to lead his new film. The film is based on social worker Marc Parent's book about attempting to save children from abusive parents, something that Roth himself can empathise with after suffering a similar fate as a child. Roth said to The Hollywood Reporter that he was eyeing Sam Rockwell (Moon) to play the lead role Marc. Tim said about Marc Parent "He was an incredible social worker - he saved tons of children from horrible situations. It's a really interesting story, and I couldn't get this film made [before], but it's the companion to The War Zone.".

Roth revealed he wants to shoot the film in digital. He said: "It will give me real control of the atmosphere surrounding the children. I can do take after take, I don't have to worry about money or how much [film] stock I've got, or about the guy who takes the film to the lab in the middle of the night having a crash because he's out of beer.".

I'm sure with Rockwell on board this one could be great, especially with a man such as Roth, along with his personal experiences, behind it. 

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