Friday, 8 April 2011

Clive Owen Will Be In IRA Thriller

Clive Owen has been confirmed to star in a new thriller that focuses on the peace process in Northern Ireland during the nineties. The film will be directed by James Marsh and is based on the 1998 novel Shadow Dancer by Tom Bradby. Marsh revealed to Vulture that filming would begin in Dublin in May. He said "It's much more like Red Riding, it's a genre film, it's a thriller. It's very exciting to be doing something like that now, to have that kind of canvas to fill. It's low-budget film, it's not a Hollywood movie by any means.". It sounds as if it won't be an out an out action, which wouldn't be suitable for the subject matter, but more an emotional thriller with Owen playing an MI5 agent alongside Andrea Riseborough.

This sounds like a typical Clive Owen film but I'm sure the very gritty subject matter at hand will set it apart from other projects he has worked on. For me, this one needs to stay true to the real-life events and to show them in a powerful way. It sounds intriguing but it hasn't really grabbed my attention at this point.

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