Saturday, 8 October 2011

'I, Frankenstein' Enlists Eckhart In Lead Role

Aaron Eckhart
Total Film reveals that Aaron Eckhart (Battle: Los Angeles) has been confirmed in the lead role of new film I, Frankenstein, a Lionsgate adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel. He will take the role of Adam, Frankenstein's monster who lives in the present day and finds himself caught up in a battle between two immortal races.

Director and writer Stuart Beattie described how the film adapts Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein character into a modern day film that will bring a new twist to the age old story: "Mary Shelley’s story is about the creation of the first human being. This is the story about that being becoming human.". It certainly sounds as if they are trying to put a new spin on the story and it should be interesting to see what they have come up with.

Liongate's Joe Drake revealed the thinking behind the casting of Eckhart: "This story is all about what it means to be human, and there could be no more achingly human performance than the one

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Poll Result: Favourite Robert Zemeckis Film?

Literally one whole person voted this week and alone decided that their favourite Robert Zemeckis film of all time was Back To The Future. Surely a worthy candidate and one that many will agree with.

Remeber to vote for whether you think Eddie Murphy will be a good Oscar host this year by scrolling down. Also prepare for a new poll which this week will be: Favourite Morgan Freeman Film?

Happy Voting!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'Robocop' Remake Could Feature Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender may just have landed yet another male lead role as he looks set to be asked to join the new Robocop remake by director Jose Padilha. Padilha revealed his first choice in an interview on Brazilian TV which was translated by Bleeding Cool and showed his interest in capturing the Jane Eyre and X-Men: First Class actor.

Fassbender's career seems to have taken a leap forward this year, with the actor taking a role in no less than five 2011 movies. Padilha's interview revealed he could be the first in line for the Robocop remake:

"I’ll film RoboCop. I’m indeed writing the script, the writer is here with me in Rio, we’ve spent over the last 15 days working together, refining the script.

"I’ll be travelling this Friday back to LA, bringing this new version to discuss with the studio, and maybe begin with the casting, selecting actors… and the idea is to begin filming in February – February or March. That’s the idea, y’know, we never know in the American movie industry. We’re

Friday, 16 September 2011

Kevin Costner Says No To Django Unchained

Kevin Costner
Quentin Tarantino's new slave western film Django Unchained hasn't failed to excite the movie world so far. One reason for this was the proposed cast that Tarantino was planning on bringing together which included Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Foxx. However, one of the biggest names reportedly attached to the film, Kevin Costner, has followed the example of Will Smith by dropping out of the project, reports IndieWire.

Kevin Costner was rumoured to be playing Ace Woody, a member of Calvin Candie's (Leonardo DiCaprio) crew. However, Costner will now play no part in the film, giving the reason of 'scheduling conflicts'. Costner is already working on a TV movie entitled The Hatfields & The McCoys for the History Channel and will soon be appearing in Zack Snyder's Superman film Man Of Steel.

The search is now on for Quentin Tarantino to find a new Ace. Rumours have already circulated that

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Poll Result: Should There Be A Toy Story 4?

The So I Saw This Film readership have voted again and have emphatically said NO to whether there should be another Toy Story film. The poll was posted in response to a comment made recently by Tom Hanks that a fourth film could be on it's way.

I had a sneaky suspicion that the vote would turn out that way. The way I see it, the third movie was the perfect way to end. Successful film series can be put to bed whilst they are still doing well. Otherwise you end up saturating viewers and leaving them with the image of whatever film comes last in their mind. They will forget about the three brilliant movies so far if a fourth film is rushed into release. So take our advice, DON'T DO IT!

Thanks for voting guys. Remember to vote for your favourite Robert Zemeckis film below and to vote in our new poll which this week will be: Eddie Murphy: Good Choice As Oscar Host?

I want to get our readers more involved so if you have any polls you would like to see posted on the site, let us know. Cheers guys!

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Eddie Murphy Confirmed As 2012 Oscar Host

Eddie Murphy
In a follow up to our post a few days ago that Eddie Murphy was the first in line to host the next Academy Awards, So I Saw This Film can now confirm that the comedian has been officially chosen. The quick-witted ex stand-up comedian will officially host the ceremony which will take place on the 26th February 2012. The shows producers Brett Ratner and Don Mischer confirmed the decision yesterday.

The shows producers were keen to point out that the Murphy that will turn up on the night will be less like the explicit Axel Foley (Beverley Hill Cop) and more like the family orientated Donkey from Shrek. Ratner told USA Today: "This guy was in Shrek,". "He's done family movies for the past 10 years. He's done Oprah."
"He's very smart and knows this is very much of a family type of show," added Mischer. 
Meanwhile, in a statement Eddie Murphy revealed how honoured he was to have been chosen: “I am enormously honoured

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Eddie Murphy Looks Likely To Host The 2012 Oscars

Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
All round funny man Eddie Murphy looks the most likely candidate to host the 2012 Academy Awards, the 84th ceremony to date. Deadline have reported that he is the front-runner so far and the once stand-up comedian could be returning to his origins as a performer.

The producer of the show this time around will be Brett Ratner, who worked with Murphy recently in the film Tower Heist, which will open on the 4th November 2011. He is expected to put Murphy's name forward to Academy president Tom Sherak. With a hugely successful comedy film history and his experience as a stand-up comedian, it's not too surprising that his name looks likely to be put forward. His energy as a performer would be just what is needed and could lead to much satiricism as well as plenty of celebrities getting put in their place (obviously something we all want to see).

The decision has not officially been made yet but, with some sites suggesting he has already been

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Steven Soderbergh Quits Film To Pursue A New Art

Steven Soderbergh
Director Steven Soderbergh, best known for the three 'Ocean's' films as well as The Informant!, has decided to give up on his directorial career to pursue a new career as an artist. He plans to become an established painter and revealed his plans in an interview with The New York Times.

The move to a new art form will not come as too much of a surprise after Matt Damon revealed Soderbergh would be leaving show business back in 2010. Soderbergh himself let slip the news back in March when he revealed he had only two films left to shoot. Despite the early signs that revealed his decision, it will surely still come as a shock to film fans, particularly those of Soderbergh's work.

In the interview he revealed that his decision could be reversed if his new art career doesn't go to plan: "I'm interested in exploring another art form while I have the time and ability to do so.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

An enjoyable watch - 3.5/5
So I saw this film last night called The Inbetweeners Movie. I would assume that the hugely popular TV series, The Inbetweeners, will be known more to our UK audience. The mix of dry, taboo humour and brilliant characters is what made the series so popular and a film was always inevitable.

What I worried about before I went in to see the film was that it wouldn't stay true to the television series and that it would prove to be unpopular. However, after watching the film, I can confirm that it retains the type of humour we have all come to love from The Inbetweeners. Cringeworthy at times, the script delivered a quick witted and fast-paced screenplay that managed to keep me entertained almost the whole way through. Admittedly it was a pretty cheesy story but it worked. However, I would say that there is a reason this type of humour works in small 30 minute programs. It did wear a little thin towards the end as the same type of jokes were repeated over and over again. Despite this the film was an enjoyable watch and exceeded my expectations.

The four main characters, played by James Buckley, Simon Bird, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison, all impressed and retained their individual styles. It was as if the film continued directly from the TV series without any break in between. The four young actors must be praised for making this happen.

Writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, who worked together on the hit comedy show Flight Of The Conchords, must also be praised for coming up with such a popular group of characters who have gone on to achieve three successful series and now a film. Their blunt writing style is surely the main reason The Inbetweeners has become such a success and their comedic style cannot be overlooked.

I'm pretty sure that every single fan of the TV series will enjoy this film. It isn't the best piece of cinema ever but it proved to be an enjoyable watch that will surely leave fans wanting a sequel. If you like The Inbetweeners you'll love it. If not, I wouldn't bother.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - H

After a slight break in the regularity of these posts, it is time to resume our journey through the So I Saw This Film's top rated films for every letter of the alphabet. Today we take a look at the best films beginning with the letter H...

The Hangover
Admittedly The Hangover is probably the first comedy film to make it onto these lists. It always feels weird saying that a comedy film ranks among your favourite films of all time because for some reason you feel they don't deserve to rank among of greats. But of course, this is silly. If you love a film, say it. And I did love this film. I haven't had the pleasure of watching the second film yet but if it's anything like the first it will be worth watching. A brilliant comedy.

Horton Hears A Who!

OK, maybe this one is taking what I just said a little bit too far. I doubt whether Horton Hears A Who! will feature among many lists of this type but, for me, this film was pure genius. The voice talents of Jim Carrey made this such an enjoyable watch and they truly did the original story justice. Love it.

The Hurt Locker
A truly brilliant film from 2008 and worthy winner of an incredible 6 Academy Awards. The film launched many a career and rightly so. It is one of the best war films around and manages to focus on the new form of warfare that hasn't been touched on much in films so far. If you haven't seen this one where have you been. Check it out.

The Hurricane
I can't think of a more perfect film for somebody like me than the sublimely cool Denzel Washington starring in a moving boxing film. The story is magnificent and I won't hear those who will criticise it for bending the truth. It remains a top quality film and a must watch for boxing film fans. Check out my review of it here.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Terrence Malick's New Film Attracts Christian Bale

Christian Bale
Terrence Malick, director of such films as The Tree Of Life and The Thin Red Line, has attracted the talents of Christian Bale to his new project as well as tempting four actresses to compete for the female lead. The as yet untitled film seems to be a low key affair and will essentially consist of Christian Bale opposite a young female lead.

Roony Mara (Youth In Revolt), Mia Wasikowska (Alice In Wonderland), Clemence Poesy (Harry Potter) and Haley Bennett (Marley & Me) are all reportedly vying to star opposite the Oscar winner. Malick is said to be taking his time to find the right girl for the part.

Malick will not begin working on the project until his also low-key Ben Affleck flick, reportedly entitled The Burial, is over and done with. It will be released some time in 2012 and work is likely to begin immediately on the new project. It won't be the first time Bale and Malick have worked together after Bale featured among the star-studded cast of Malick's film The New World. Bale was also in line to star in The Burial in the role later taken by Affleck.

Total Film reveals that no word of this film will probably surface for some time and nothing cast-iron has officially been decided. The project however does excite me and I'll be continuing to cover it's development on So I Saw This Film.

Anyone else as excited as I am about this one? Let us know...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brad Pitt In Talks For Assassin Thriller 'The Gray Man'

Brad Pitt
Before I bring you this news piece I would like to apologise for the lack of posting over the last week but...I MOVED HOUSE! So the internet's all ready now (finally) and So I Saw This Film can now continue to bring you the posts you love. On with the show....

Although currently working on World War Z, which is being filmed in Glasgow as we speak, Brad Pitt has been linked to another new film by Variety in the form of The Gray Man. The reports suggest that Pitt is in preliminary talks to star as the worlds greatest assassin who makes his way through Europe to save both his handler and their family.

James Gray (Two Lovers) will be directing and the script, which comes from Adam Cozad, looks to have excited him and potentially Pitt also. The story follows a former CIA operative who finds a secret government plot against him. Although it sounds fairly Bourne like in nature, director James Gray has stated to Deadline why it will not follow those same lines:

What [Paul Greengrass] did was a documentary-style, objective approach,”. “He owns that style. I

Thursday, 4 August 2011

J.J. Abrams On A 'Star Trek' Sequel

J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams hasn't been short of work recently, with his latest film Super 8 hitting the big screens in the UK tomorrow. However, in a recent interview with Collider, Abrams revealed how he is already considering the possibility of a Star Trek sequel. He is determined not to rush with the project and, although this could mean it will not be released for some time, it should lead to a better film.

There have been a lot of things that we’ve been working on,” he told Collider. “A lot of important elements that we just know we need to really nail down and solve.”

Once you say, ‘We’re ready to go, but we don’t have a finished script yet,” or ‘I’m directing and here’s the release date but we don’t have a finished script,’ you’re suddenly in production on a movie where you’re thinking, ‘Oh my god, we weren’t really ready!’”

I want to make sure we’re putting the story, characters, cast, crew and, most importantly, the audience first, before we start talking about exactly which locations we’re going to be shooting at, and

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Poll Result: Favourite Harry Potter Film?

Goblet Of Fire
We've got another draw on your hands in the second of this weeks poll results. The fourth Harry Potter installment (Goblet Of Fire) came joint first position with the last film (Deathly Hallows: Part 2). Anyone who has read my review of the final film will already have worked out that I totally disagree with the result. But thanks again for voting everyone!

The new poll this week will be: Should There Be A Toy Story 4? I'm sure this will prove to be a contentious subject.

The second of the So I Saw This Film's polls is currently running and so be sure to vote for your favourite film from director Robert Zemeckis.

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Poll Result: Favourite Quentin Tarantino Film?

Pulp Fiction
The readers have really done themselves proud this week with huge numbers voting so thanks a lot guys. This week you were voting for your favourite Quentin Tarantino film and it was quite a close one with Pulp Fiction coming out top by just one vote. Inglorious Basterds and Kill Bill:Volume 1 came joint second with two votes each.

The poll is now closed but if you want your opinion heard let us know in the comment section which Tarantino film floats your boat.

A new poll will now be posted and this week it will be: Favourite Robert Zemeckis Film? Get voting once again and the results will be posted next week.

Cheers guys!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gangster Squad To Attract Emma Stone?

Emma Stone
Emma Stone (Superbad, Easy A) has recently been linked to 40's crime drama Gangster Squad which, if you eagle eyed viewers will remember, was covered previously on So I Saw This Film after Sean Penn was revealed as the lead male in the film. The film will also feature Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, and Emma Stone looks likely to join the growing cast.

The actress, who was nominated for a BAFTA in the Rising Star category in 2011, looks set to star as a character caught between Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling. Penn will play gangster Mickey Cohen while Gosling will play good-cop Jerry Wooters alongside fellow cop Josh Brolin. The film will be directed by Rubin Fleisher who cast Stone in his film Zombieland.

THR originally revealed the news of the possible casting but no decision has yet been made. The project has been in the pipeline for a while but there will still be quite a wait ahead for those who want to see it, as the film won't see the big screens until 2013.

Emma Stone has been rather busy recently and joining the cast of Gangster Squad could prove to be a major boost to her career. Do you think she would be right for the role? Is she more suited to other genres? Let us know below.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Captain America Takes Top Place At The US Weekend Box Office

Captain America has managed to knock Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 off the top spot in this weekend's US box office.The film proved to be yet another Marvel success story, taking a rather unimpressive $65.8 million. The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 made an impressive haul in its second weekend with $48 million, taking the film's US total above $274 million. 

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake's new comedy Friends With Benefits found itself in third place with a total of $18.5 million. The third installment of the Transformers franchise, Dark Of The Moon, came fourth with $12 million and Horrible Bosses, which has just been released in the UK, came fifth with $11.7 million.

Zookeeper finished in sixth with $8.7 million (rather more than I thought it would achieve) and Cars 2 came seventh with a $5.7 million haul.

The top ten was rounded off with Winnie The Pooh ($5.1m) in eighth, Bad Teacher ($2.6m) in ninth and Midnight In Paris continuing its trends of tenth place with $1.8 million, making the film Woody Allen's most profitable film to date.

What did you guys see this weekend? Anything you would recommend?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Seth Rogen And Zac Efron To Make An Unlikely Pair?

Universal has come out on top of the bidding for the rights to a new and untitled comedy which has Seth Rogen and Zac Efron attached to star. The pair look likely to make a rather unlikely pairing in the new film which Rogen will produce alongside Evan Goldberg according to Deadline.

The film will be written by Andrew Cohen and Brendan O'Brien and was successfully landed by Universal for a reported seven figure sum. The plot will see Zac Efron and his partying friends disrupting the family life of Seth Rogen and Total Film rightfully noticed the similarity of the plot to that of Old School. Not sure if Efron sounds like the right guy for the role thought to be honest. Bit strange.

The film sounds like a rather odd concept if I'm honest. I would never have put Rogen and Efron together in anything, let alone an Old School-esque comedy. I'm really struggling to see how this film will do well but of course the two very different actors could bring in two very large and diverse fan bases. Basically, it will either work well or it will bring a cringe to viewer's faces. We'll probably be waiting a long time to find out which as it hasn't even been written yet.

One to watch out for? Let us know what you think below...


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer (Courtesy Of Trailer Addict)

Poll Result: Favourite 'Transformers' Film

Well done for voting yet again guys and an interesting result in this one. We have our first draw since the polls began to be reported on and the draw comes between Transformers and Dark Of The Moon. No surprises that Revenge Of The Fallen got no votes and I think a fair result all round. People obviously loved the first film and felt that the third film regained what we loved about Transformers after a poorly received second film.

Voting continues on your favourite Quentin Tarantino film and at the moment Pulp Fiction is out in the lead, with Kill Bill: Volume 1 following closely behind. Don't agree? Let your vote be heard.

And I guess that makes it time for a new poll. So the new poll beginning today will be this: Favourite Harry Potter Film? Make sure to get voting and check out my review of the final Harry Potter film.

Cheers guys!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

A Terrible Way To End - 2.5/5
So I saw this film last night called Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and lets me make myself very clear from the start, in my opinion it was the worst of all the Harry Potter films to date. Thats right I said it. As both the films and the books have been so popular and have been a stalwart of cinema and literature since 1997 I think people are less inclined to say anything bad about the films. Well if you don't want to read a scathing review of the final film don't read on.

Lets begin with a one word overview of about the first hour of the film. AWFUL. And no, that isn't too strong a word to use. I'm amazed that with such an amount of quality storyline handed over by J.K. Rowling that director David Yates couldn't have made more from it. Personally I haven't really enjoyed any of the films since the first four and have found major flaws in every one of the last four. The first hour of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was simply depressingly bad. It skipped over major parts of plot and tried to focus too much on comedy. For me there should have been no place for stupid puns but somehow they found their way back. Some parts were so cheesy that they were hard to watch (especially Neville Longbottom's speech at the end) and overall the film was badly done.

The film began to pick up pace when the battle began and to be fair there was extremely effective special effects on show that did credit to those responsible. I had begun to enjoy to film after about an hour until it was again ruined by the fact that the death of one of the main characters (I don't want to spoil it for anyone) was totally skipped over and wasn't even touched upon even though a huge section was devoted to it in the books. And how about the way Ron's mum managed to defeat the second in command to Voldemort with ease? It was ridiculous! Just about the only factors that held the whole thing together as a film was the sublime performance of Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort and the special effects. That's it.

The ending was probably the worst part of the whole film. I had already read the books and so new how it would finish but I was wondering how they would do it. I didn't think they would use different actors becuase it wouldn't be a good way to end. But what they did do was truly terrible. They barely looked any different and it was cringeworthy. I'm trying not to reveal too much of what happens at this point for those who haven't seen the film or read the book.

I think the main problem with the books is that they started off as a book exclusive for children but then proved massively popular to adults alike. It is clear to see that Rowling made the story darker but she couldn't leave the children behind when finishing the story. Harry Potter should have died to save everyone else. Simple as that. But can you imagine millions of children reading how they wizarding hero had perished? It wouldn't be pretty.

The film is a HUGE dissapointment from start to finish and is an awful way to end such a series of films. However, I'm sure many will love it and I wish I could say the same. But I hated it, and that's that.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sean Bean Set To Play The King In Tarsem Singh's 'Snow White'

Sean Bean As Boromir
After a lot of casting news on both the Snow White projects coming up in 2012 a while back the two films have gone rather quiet. Tarsem Singh's The Brothers Grimm: Snow White will be battling Snow White And The Huntsman in 2012 and so far it is fair to say that the latter has whipped up far more excitement.

However, Heat Vision have revealed that Sean Bean is in final negotiations to play Snow White's father, the king, in Tarsem Singh's version of the film. A big name like Bean's is seriously needed to boost the films image as so far Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer are the only well known names on the list. The Huntsman has already got on board Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Ray Winston and Bob Hoskins among others so Singh really needs Bean to sign his name on the dotted line.

With previous fantasy roles in Lord Of The Rings and TV series Game Of Thrones, Bean wouldn't look out of place in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. He definitely has the look of a king about him

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - G

What is it, like week 7 of this series? I hope you're all enjoying it so far. Make sure you're up to date with A-F before we start. If your new to this feature it's a simple principle: the So I Saw This Film teams favourite films for each letter. Bring on the G;s....

You can never really overlook a film that won five Oscars including Best Actor and Best Picture in these types of lists, nor one that was nominated for pretty much every other award. The film brought Russell Crowe his only Oscar to date, proving that it is in fact his greatest performance, even though I have enjoyed some of his recent films including State Of Play and The Next Three Days, the latter of which you'll find a review for on this site. Another of his greatest roles was in American Gangster which featured when I looked in depth at the best films for the letter A. The music is divine and Hans Zimmer proves his genius again. You can't not have seen this.

The Green Mile
The Green Mile is one of the most emotionally evocative films out there and proved to be another hit for lead man Tom Hanks. It is a hugely successful and popular films and remains a timeless classic full of wonder. I don't think any of these lists haven't featured Tom Hanks thus far!

The Godfather
How could this not feature? For me it's not as perfect a film as it is made out to be but when you're talking about The Godfather not being perfect it still manages to be one of the most well known and best loved films of all time. Number 2 in the IMDb Top 250 only to the Shawshank Redemption (which I've never understood). 'Say hello to my little friend!'
(P.S. Godfather II and III both should be up here but I'm classing them all under the Godfather)

Gran Torino
I didn't think I'd enjoy this film all that much when I first saw it advertised. It looked like it was just an opportunity for Clint Eastwood to make a film about himself that nobody would really be able to relate to. Well I was wrong. I admit it. He manages to kick major ass despite being grey and proves once again that he is both a world-class actor and sublime director.

Grosse Pointe Blank
A slick and stylish John Cusack film that may not be for everyone but is certainly for us. The film features one of the best all time soundtracks (I'm begining to sound like the Cusack from High Fidelity now). Check this one out.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Sci-fi Brilliance - 4/5
So I saw this film today called Planet Of The Apes and, after previously reviewing the rather poor 2001 Tim Burton effort, and with Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes on its way in less than a month, I thought I had better go back and see how the films all got started. Of course the 1968 version is miles apart and wholly different to the 2001 version and the list of reasons why the film featuring Charlton Heston is far better would be infinitely long. Therefore I am not going to even bother to compare the two films. I watched the Burton film first and now, after watching the original, I find it hard to believe he managed to get that film out of something that was originally so brilliant.

I used the word brilliant there because that's exactly what this film is. Brilliant. There is something about the beginning of a retro sci-fi film that lets you know that you're in for a treat. After becoming a sci-fi fan in the last few months, after watching Logan's Run and Alien, I thought it about time to watch Planet Of The Apes. It turned out to be right up my street and it was a totally magnificent two hours of film.

Let us begin with the cinematic scenes that were brought to us by director Franklin J. Schaffner. The stunning scenery was quite enthralling, as were the special effects which wouldn't have looked outdated in a film from five years ago. The final scene with the statue of liberty was extremely

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Edward Norton Could Become New 'The Bourne Legacy' Villain

Edward Norton
After Matt Damon publicly confirmed he would not reprise his role as Jason Bourne for a fourth time following the release of The Bourne Ultimatum, director Tony Gilroy has seemingly expressed his desire to add a new big name to the fourth film.

Variety has reported that Edward Norton is close to being confirmed as the new villain for the upcoming film The Bourne Legacy. The American History X actor looks likely to star opposite new lead man Jeremy Renner who was confirmed a few weeks ago as the new protagonist in the film that will be set in the same world as the first three but will not include Jason Bourne. Small villainous roles should come easy to Norton by now after films such as The Italian Job.

Rachel Weisz has also signed up to the film and if Norton comes on board it looks to be a relatively

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'Oldboy' Remake In Hands Of Spike Lee

Spike Lee
Do The Right Thing director and star Spike Lee has been officially named as the director of the English language remake of the South Korean cult favourite Oldboy, which was released in 2003. He is currently working on his Do The Right Thing sequel Red Hook Summer and looks set to start the new project upon its completion.

Nathan Kahane, the Oldboy executive producer, said of the news: “It’s a great honour to put this special project into the hands of such a gifted writer and iconic director,”.

If you remember the original followed a man who, after being imprisoned for 15 years, attempts to find out who was behind his imprisonment. No casting decision for the lead man has been confirmed

Friday, 8 July 2011

Poll Results: Favourite 'Toy Story' Film

The So I Saw This Film readers have been busy again in the voting department and have decided that their favourite of the Toy Story trilogy was Toy Story 3. In this one I think any one of the three could have come out on top but it seems fitting that the only Oscar winning film out of the three was victorious.

Voting continues on your favourite of the three Transformers films after the release of Dark Of The Moon recently so be sure to check that out and vote.

The new poll will be to find out your favourite film from Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs? Pulp Fiction? Inglorious Basterds? Let us know.....

Thanks once again for voting guys.

'Good Time Gang' Could Welcome Mark Wahlberg And Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill
The Other Guys and The Happening star Mark Wahlberg looks set to join comedic force Jonah Hill in a new indie film entitled Good Time Gang. The pair look set to join forces for the first time in the new film that could see them both step out of their usual film roles. The LA Times has revealed that the duo are signing on for the project which is produced by RCR Pictures.

The pair are reportedly to play two incompetent mercenaries who are sent on a serious case involving terrorism and along the way discover that one of them is related to the target. Empire say the film is being pitched as a Lethal Weapon type film that focuses more on the action than the laughs. The script will come from Max Landis.

The pair have already been busy stepping out of their comfort zones, with Jonah Hill appearing in 21 Jump Street and Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt. At the same time Wahlberg has found his way into

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - F

We're at week 6 in the weekly journey through the best films for each letter. This week it's F, so if you've missed any be sure to catch up. Anyway, on with the show....

Forrest Gump
I think this is either the third or fourth film from the Robert Zemeckis portfolio to appear on these lists so far and so I guess that makes him my favourite director. Forrest Gump is a film that you will never forget watching for the first time and one which is endlessly enjoyable. One of Tom Hanks' greatest performances. The Zemeckis/Hanks partnership never fails in my eyes.

The Full Monty
Not only is The Full Monty is a wonderfully funny comedy but it is also an insight into the hardships faced by certain Britons during the Thatcher era. It deals with an issue so taboo at the time in a darkly comic way that is also designed to lift people's spirits. An awesome soundtrack on this one too.

Fight Club
Fight Club can never be overlooked in this type of list. The duo of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt works so brilliantly and rumours have surfaced recently that the pair may appear together again for the first time since Fight Club. If you haven't seen this one you're missing out.

Four Lions
If you had asked me before I saw Four Lions whether I thought a comedy that centred on terrorism would ever work, or would ever be green-lighted in the first place, I would have said you were crazy. I decided to watch it on recommendation and it turned out to be one of the most outrageous comedies I've ever seen. Somehow they made it work and it was downright hilarious. Probably not for everyone though.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
For me Ferris Bueller's Day Off is just the perfect childhood film. Yes, I did use the word perfect. It's a comedy caper that doesn't fall into the trap of being an unoriginal snoozefest. Matthew Broderick gives the performances of his life in this one. The final scene ranked among my top five film scenes. Check this one out if you haven't and check out the So I Saw This Film review.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Poll Result: Favourite Eddie Murphy Film

Murphy In Trading Places
After a week of voting the So I Saw This Film readers have decided that they could not choose between Shrek and Trading Places as their favourite Eddie Murphy films of all time.

I'm not surprised Shrek made it up there but I thought it would be able to defeat the opposition in this one.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite of the three Toy Story films after the news that a fourth could be on the way ( scroll down to find this poll).

The new poll about the go up now is to see how successful the new Transformers film was. So get thinking and vote for your favourite of the three Transformers films and the results will be revealed this time next week.

Thank to all those who voted! Get those votes in again.

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'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Review

'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Defeats Competition In US Box Office

As I'm sure everyone expected the third, and in my opinion best, film in the Transformers series has triumphed in the US box office this weekend. The weekend numbers posted by Dark Of The Moon weren't as impressive as those set by the second film, Revenge Of The Fallen, but still totalled an impressive $97.4 million, with $162.1 million taken in total in the US since it's release. Its global figure is a whopping $370m and counting.

Cars 2 had a rather unimpressive weekend with $25 million but despite the poor figures the film has managed to toal an impressive $116m. Bad Teacher came in third with $14.1m.

Larry Crowne made a surprsingly poor weekend debut with only $13 million, although with such big competition it picked a bad weekend to try and make an impact. Monte Carlo came fifth with $7.6m

Friday, 1 July 2011

July 2013 Will See A 'Thor' Sequel

Deadline have reported that, following the magnitude of the success of Kenneth Branagh's film Thor, a sequel has received the green-light and will hit our screens in July 2013. Disney and Marvel Studios made the official decision and Disney revealed to MTV that Chris Hemsworth is set to reprise his role, whilst Kenneth Branagh will not be returning as director.

After grossing $437 million worldwide you'd think there wouldn't be any need for such a large change as a change of director. However the dropping of Branagh was allegedly a 'mutual and amicable' one and that Branagh may return in a producing role. The hunt is now on for a new director.

I am yet to see Thor but the numbers speak for themselves and I think any sequel that retains Hemsworth at its helm will go down well with fans of the first film. We come to expect sequels from

Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (2011) Trailer

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011)

Breathtaking - 4.5/5
So I saw this film yesterday called Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and, as you are most probably aware, this is the third film under the Transformers franchise from director Michael Bay. Unfortunately for me it is the first film I've seen in the cinema this year! However, as I'm moving house and trying to save money, I still think I can call myself a movie buff. Anyway, on with the review...

The Transformers trilogy began with Transformers back in 2007 and my main problem with the film was that at times it was hard to see what was actually happening during the battle scenes between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Michael Bay managed to rectify this mistake with Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen in which we saw an increase in slow motion fight scenes and well thought out action. Despite this the second film was criticised by many (not including me as I thought it was better than the first. Just saying). Transformers: Dark Of The Moon improved even further on the action sequences. The film was truly stunning and you could tell an immense amount of imagination went in to creating the stunning sequences. I was lucky enough to see the film in 3D, which I would strongly advise you to do when you go to see this film, and it added a lot to the film. The fight scenes towards the end left me thinking 'HOW DO THEY DO IT'. It was truly breathtaking.

Whilst I was blown away with the visual effects on display, the plot certainly lacked substance in places and continuity proved a problem. The film was very poorly edited and in places felt rushed. I can't imagine how long the whole film was before they cut anything but even though we saw two and a half hours of film it still felt liked it skipped over large and important parts of the story. The scenes would sometimes skip ahead without really explaining what had happened and the problem wasn't just a one off but could be found all the way through. I think they rushed to get this movie to the big screen.

Although it doesn't sound it the aforementioned problems do really take a back seat when compared with everything that was right about this film. Bay managed to bring us the combination of a genuinely funny script with truly amazing and expansive action sequences that we have come to expect from the Transformers films. Whilst the story may not have been the greatest ever it didn't seem to matter when watching Optimus Prime

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'Toy Story 4' In The Pipeline? - Tom Hanks Reveals All

Although it seemed to everyone who had seen the three hugely successful Toy Story films that they have come to the end of the film franchise, Tom Hanks, who stars in all three films as Woody, has revealed to the BBC that a fourth film could be on its way!

While out promoting his new film Larry Crowne, which hits our screens soon, Hanks was asked whether he thought there would ever be a Toy Story 4 to which he replied: “I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go.”.

What a shock! The third film was described as a trilogy closer and it really was. We followed the toys journey as their owner Andy grew up and ended up with them under the ownership of a new child. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere the film could go which would diminish the massive amount of hard work that Pixar has put into making the trilogy one of the most successful animation

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Preview - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

With one of the biggest casts imaginable featuring some great names in the acting world, Peter Jackson has managed to stir up quite a level of excitement over his new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which is currently being filmed. Unfortunately we won't see the film until December 2012, but I thought it worth giving you a sneak peak into the world of The Hobbit.

If you regularly check out So I Saw This Film you probably won't have failed to miss the casting updates that have been posted. Most recently, Lost star Evangeline Lilly was added to the cast. British acting legend Stephen Fry was confirmed a while back, as was Flight Of The Conchords member Bret McKenzie. In a huge cast it would be safe to assume some big names, but Jackson has literally packed it full of exciting talent. As well as those already mentioned we can look forward to Hugo Weaving, Brian Blessed, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Christopher Lee, Ian Holm, Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt. Phew! And breath...

Let take a gander at the story shall we? We'll start simple with the small synopsis given to us by IMDB: "Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, journeys to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jamie Foxx Chosen For 'Django Unchained' Lead Role By Tarantino

Jamie Foxx Will Play Django
Quentin Tarantino's latest project has already caused quite a stir after the title was leaked on Twitter with a picture of the front cover of the screen play by Tarantino himself. Django Unchained was confirmed as the title within hours and rumours spread that Will Smith was likely to take the lead role; a freed slave who attempts to save his lover from a plantation owner.

After Smith turned the role down Tarantino looked at a number of other potential actors, including Chris Tucker, before eventually settling for Ray and Collateral star Jamie Foxx. Leonardo DiCaprio will play the plantation owner, with Tarantino favourite Christoph Waltz playing a German bounty hunter.

Opening on Christmas day 2012, the film looks set to be another Tarantino triumph coming off the back of the success of Inglorious Basterds.

Variety revealed the main synopsis as well as some more casting rumours: "Foxx will play the title role of Django, a freed slave who teams with a German bounty hunter to take on an evil plantation owner in order to retrieve his long-lost love, Broomhilda. Kerry Washington, who played opposite Foxx in

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

'The Dictator' Attracts Megan Fox And John C Reilly

John C Reilly
You may remember a while back a news post that revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen was first in line to take the lead role in an upcoming project entitled The Dictator which Baron Cohen was behind. Since then Cohen has confirmed himself in the lead role and today has revealed that both Megan Fox and John C Reilly will be joining the cast of the new comedy from the makers of both Bruno and Borat. The duo will join a star-studded cast which includes Ben Kingsley.

Not too much information has been revealed about the film as yet but it looks like it will take a different route to Cohen's previous comedies in that it will be less improvised and will employ actors with greater prestige.

Total Film revealed the basic plot of the film: “[Sacha] Baron Cohen plays a ruthless dictator who heads to the U.S. for a meeting at the United Nations and finds that his number two has replaced him with an unsuspecting sheepherder lookalike.

“As the dictator wanders the city, he meets the owner of an organic food store… She turns around his

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lost Star Evangeline Lilly Cast In 'The Hobbit'

Evangeline Lilly As Kate Austen
Evangeline Lilly, who you will know most as Kate Austen in the hit TV series Lost, has been cast in Peter Jackson's exciting new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Since Lost Lilly has had some success in film roles, arguably the most notable of which was a fairly small role in Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker.

Her link to the film was arguably already established due to her five year relationship with Lost co-star Dominic Managhan, who played Merry Brandybuck in all three Lord Of The Rings films but who so far has not been cast in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.On a side not, So I Saw This Film voted Monaghan's performance in LOTR the best film performance from the cast of Lost.

Peter Jackson revealed the casting of Lilly on his Facebook page and revealed that she would play a Woodland Elf named Tauriel who is a new character. "Evangeline Lilly will be playing a new character — the Woodland Elf, Tauriel," Jackson revealed. "Her name means 'daughter of Mirkwood' and, beyond that, we must leave you guessing! (No, there is no romantic connection to Legolas.) What

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