Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Megamind (2010)

At Least It's Funny - 3/5
So I saw this film just now called Megamind which you'll remember as being Will Ferrell's latest animated film. The story followed  the journey of Megamind, a blue, round-headed supervillain in his battles against Metro Man. He then goes on to control Metro City, get bored of all his power, create a nemesis for himself who turns evil and consequently causes Megamind to save the city and get the girl. Hmmmmm. It's all a bit predictable and it feels as if it has been done before even though movies of this type normally focus on the 'good guy'. Despite the way this film tried to break the stereotypical comedy/animation superhero movie (Monsters Vs Aliens, The Incredibles) by focusing on the other side, by the end it became exactly like all these other previous films.

That's what this film was. I must say it started off quite good. The comedy was flowing and it managed to feel fresh within the genre. By about half way through with the creation of Titan, played by Jonah Hill, the storyline began to lose my interest and by the end we all knew what was happening. And just for the record, Jonah should should never ever ever at any point in a film play a superhero. His voice is totally inappropriate for this type of role and no matter how many times he has done it before, he should stick to the usual geeky and hilarious characters we are used to seeing him in.

Despite the poor casting of Hill, I think Will Ferrell was a good pick to play Megamind. He manages to bring such comedic value just with the inclusion of his voice and the lack of a decent plot-line didn't seem as important when his character was making you laugh. At least they got that bit right. Tina Fey should have been given a more comedy-based role too. What's the point of casting her in a boring part that could have been played by anyone? If you get someone funny on board, use them. Brad Pitt was well cast as Metro Man. His voice brings an air of arrogance that you usually don't get from him from his on-screen performances. Aside from the casting, the animation was pretty awesome. DreamWorks and the animation team behind it certainly did a good job of that.

This film was by no means amazing and, speaking as a fan of Monsters Vs Aliens, this film just couldn't stand up to movies similar to it. Apparently a sequel is on the way so I think I'll be missing that one.Saying that the film was funny and not every film has that to boast.

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