Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Other Guys (2010)

Not Too Impressive - 3/5
So I saw this film called The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. This film sort of came out of nowhere for me. I don't think it made the cinemas anywhere and so when it went straight to DVD is was bemused as to why I hadn't heard of it before. The concept to me sounded like it would make an enjoyable film and I'm an ever present fan of Ferrell's so I gave it a go. I have to say that whilst watching the film I found it laugh out loud funny and enjoyable but looking back on it I am of the opinion that the cheap jokes clouded my view of what was a pretty poor plot and a relatively mediocre film overall. Hence, it didn't make the cinema.

The film had all the ingredients to be another one of Adam McKay's stereotypical production. Will Ferrell has been present in many of his films including Step Brothers and Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy and so I figured he'd be cast in a pretty similar role yet again. I think his role in The Other Guys began as a more understated one than we are used to seeing in a McKay/Ferrell partnership but the humour
displayed was simply a continuation of everything we have seen from the pair. Looking back the script was fairly unoriginal and flat. Again, I cannot pretend I didn't enjoy the film, but I am a sucker from Ferrell and I think the comedy element sucked me in. Compared to the previous films mentioned however this film was certainly the most forgettable.

I think I would only recommend this film to those who enjoyed Step Brothers and similar movies because it only really reaches those who do. If you haven't seen any of these sorts of films this is not the one to start out on because I can imagine it putting people off. Start off with Anchorman.

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Anonymous said...

This film didn't go straight to DVD! I went to see it at the cinema and it has 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. I enjoyed it, although as with most of these comedies, the plot doesn't really grip me, and so by the time all of the action comes along at the end, and the comedy stops, I get bored.

Jack Ibbetson said...

Oh! haha guess that one passed me by. Yeah I take your point about the plot. It was boring at times

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