Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Single Man (2009)

Artistic - 3.5/5
So I saw this film yesterday called 'A Single Man' and you may recall this being amongst the nominations for Best Actor in both the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs during 2010. Colin Firth was only successful in winning the BAFTA for the part but his performance deservedly received this level of acclaim as it provided us with such deep emotion and evoked strong reactions from viewers. It was strange to see Firth in a homosexual role but he managed to deliver it in a way that didn't reveal any level of awkwardness or embarrassment on his part. His performance was moving and yet understated, retaining his very British stoutness throughout.Firth was the focus of the entire film and we really were allowed to create a bond with him. Firth obviously followed this film up with an Oscar win for his role in 'The King's Speech' which was certainly deserved for such a hard working and long career.

Firth wasn't the only stand-out performance in this one. I think this is probably my favourite Nicholas Hoult performance. He delivered a mature and genuine performance and, like Firth, portrayed his character with confidence. Julianne Moore was also brilliant as she played a rather messed up character in the form of Charley.

Moving away from the acting, what struck me most about the film was the level and beauty of artistic creation. The most striking form of this was the constantly changing colours portraying the changeable moods of main character George. This technique created a beautiful film that was definitely worthy of awards. However, if you like watching film for the storyline, this one probably isn't for you. For me the plot-line was where the film feel down. The Academy Awards may like artistic films in which little actually happens ('There Will Be Blood') but for the viewers the film was a tad boring at times. Despite this I enjoyed the artistic side to the film which also delivered some brilliant performances.

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Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

5 stars from me to this movie. Changing of colors got me. Some films, like A Single Man and There Will Be Blood you've mentioned, may seem a bore for the majority of viewers because little is happening in the screen life of the characters, while there are a lot of changes and agitation in their inner world. They are all about it.

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