Thursday, 7 April 2011

Morgan Freeman And Sandra Bullock To Team Up?

It has been revealed that Morgan Freeman and Sandra Bullock may be about to team up in an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel Djibouti. The crime novel focuses on the modern phenomenon of Somali pirates. Leonard discussed the potential cast in an interview during the launch of the second TV series of justified and reportedly said: "Morgan Freeman likes it a lot, in fact I even thought of him as I was writing it,"and later revealed that Freeman wanted to get Sandra Bullock on board. I don't know about you but this story sounds perfect for a gritty African drama film and Freeman would certainly be welcome in one. I'm not too sure about Bullock but seeing as she came on Freeman's recomendation she must be able to bring something to such a film.

Leonard also revealed that Samuel L. Jackson was offered a part in the film but he had to decline because he was working on a similar role. If Jackson had accepted there would have been no stopping this film. As it stands it looks as if it will be a powerhouse film but it will need another big name such as Jackson to boost it even further. Can't wait for this one though!

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