Friday, 1 April 2011

Kick-Ass 2 Not On The To Do List Yet

Jane Goldman, writer of the brilliantly violent film 'Kick-Ass' has revealed that no script has yet been penned for a sequel. What I noticed at the end of the first film was that they left it very much open for a sequel that seems like it should simply continue from the first and chart the rise of Christopher Mintz-Plasse's character Red Mist. However, MSN Movies revealed that Goldman said "One day. It's not in the works right now, but who knows?". This all sounds very ambiguous and will not come as the best news for fans such as myself who enjoyed the first film.

Despite the news that no script has yet been written however, Goldman said in the interview that she would love to be part of a sequel. Goldman said: "We'd all enjoy the experience of making the second one because we had such fun doing the first one. But if it happens, we would want to be sure that it can be as good as can be,". This sounds like much better news and shows that a sequel is on the cards and writers such as Goldman will do their all to make it as good if not better than the first. Good stuff.

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