Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Michael Cera Signs On For Indie Film 'Magic, Magic'

Michael Cera
Young star of all things indie these days Michael Cera has signed on to a new project which will be his first major role since Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

The film is called Magic, Magic and will be a move to more serious roles for Michael Cera who is normally associated with comedies. The film will follow a young woman who goes on holiday to Chile with her friends and begins to break down mentally. Her friends subsequently ignore her until it is too late. It is unclear where Cera will fit into this as yet but it sounds a much more moving film than we normally see Cera in.

The Chilean writer/director Sebastian Silva will write the script and direct the film. There is no start date as the
team are still looking for the perfect leading lady.

Who would you suggest to star in such a role?

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