Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'Turkey Bowl' To See Mark Wahlberg And Will Ferrell Team Up Again

Scene From The Other Guys
Last year cop caper The Other Guys saw Mark Wahlberg and comedy giant Will Ferrell team up to bring us a rather enjoyable film. Now they are set to team up again in a new film entitled Turkey Bowl, according to Deadline. It won't follow on from The Other Guys but will instead see a rivalry between Wahlberg and Ferrell as they face each other in annual football games for their local teams. Warner Bros own the rights to the film and are sure to put in some big name cameos once again.

The Other Guys director Adam McKay will produce Turkey Bowl which should ensure the usual Ferrell/McKay comedic stylings that entertain us time and again. Both actors are currently busy with other projects; Will Ferrell is taking part in Everything Must Go and Mark Wahlberg has a part in Seth MacFarlane's film project Ted.

I'm not so sure whether this project will work if I'm honest. Sure it will feature the popular pairing of Ferrell
and McKay but is another comedy film featuring Wahlberg and Ferrell a step too far? I'm on the fence at this point.

How do you think the project sounds? Can the Ferrell/McKay duo deliver once again?

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