Tuesday, 3 May 2011

'Pompeii' Disaster Film In The Hands Of Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson
Paul W.S. Anderson, who is currently busy with his upcoming film The Three Musketeers which is to be released this October, has signed on to become the director of a new apocalyptic disaster movie entitled Pompeii. He hopes to start filming on the project in the spring of 2012, revealed Total Film. Roland Emmerich is said to have been the first pick to front the film but he has stepped away from big budget apocalyptic movies for the time being.

Pompeii will be set in 79AD and will not only bring us the spectacular eruption of Mount Vesuvius but also the story of a lowly slave who dreams of escaping and marrying the daughter of his master. Trapped on a ship headed for Naples, the slave attempts to return home and rescue both his love and his best friend. Total Film
summarised this one as 2012 with togas. For me though the story sounds engaging and I doubt it will be as disappointing as the aforementioned end-of-the-world film.

In Paul W.S. Anderson the film has a director who has no problem working with big budgets and who can deliver stunning visuals but perhaps lacks the ability to bring us moving drama. Lets hope it has a good mix of both.

Will this one work out or just be another 2012?

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