Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - B

So we move on to look at those films that didn't make it to my 'B' position on My Cinematic Alphabet but are still worthy of a mention. Remember that this is a regular feature and be sure to keep checking it out. Thanks y'all!


The Butterfly Effect
I know not everyone is a fan of this film and it has taken some stick over the years but for me it was moving and touching. I haven't bothered watching any of the sequels because they look rubbish and because I wanted to remember this film in a good light. I thought the story was brilliant and the way it was brought to the screen was fantastic. I'm sure it will be a controversial pick but I think it deserves a mention.

The Beach
Again I don't think this film was the most popular, but after reading the book I thought the movie did justice to the Alex Garland novel. I found the film moving and poignant and I thought it was one of those films that makes you just want to get up and go somewhere. Leonardo DiCaprio was brilliant and he portrayed a character, who at times was extremely disturbed, effectively.

Back To The Future
The first Robert Zemeckis film to show up on My Cinemtic Alphabet: In Depth so far but by no means the last. Most of my favourite films of all time have come from him and I appart from the Coen Brothers he has to be my favourite modern director. Every time I see this film I am whisked away to my childhood and I think any film that can do that well deserves merit.

This film has got to be one of the most beautiful cinematic experiences I've ever had. The cinematography shown was sublime and the story was truly moving. Possibly Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett's best performances for me. If you haven't seen this one you are seriously missing out.

Told you there was more Zemeckis to come. I think this has to be one of my favourite animated films. The action and fight scenes are so enjoyably brutal and a whole host of stars lend their voice talents including Ray Winstone and John Malkovich. Check this one out.

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Lynn said...

Wouldn't agree with you about the Beach, but then I can't stand Di Caprio.

Totally agree with you on the Butterfly Effect however, especially the Directors Cut ending, Awesome!

Jack Ibbetson said...

I would ask you to tell me what that nding was, but I think it might ruin the movie for me.

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