Sunday, 8 May 2011

Will Smith And Quentin Tarantino To Make An Unlikely Team?

Will Smith
Recent news revealed the title of Quentin Tarantino's new film to be Django Unchained and now The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Will Smith could take part in the project. He is reportedly the favourite for the lead role Django, a slave who seeks revenge on a plantation owner to free his slave wife. It certainly sounds the type of thing Smith would do well in and it will mark nice comeback for Smith who hasn't been seen on the big screen since Seven Pounds. Despite the interest shown by Tarantino to get Smith n board i is unclear whether he has even seen a script at this stage.

THR have pointed out some problems that could prevent Smith taking part. The fact that the film is ridden with expletives is one, and the financials of Smith could also prevent him getting involved. It would be interesting to see Smith in a more risque role though and after seeing what Tarantino did with Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds, the unlikely pairing could definitely work out.

Christopher Waltz has long been connected to the project but Samuel L. Jackson, who has worked with Tarantino on many occasions, is also said to be likely to take a part in the role. The possible addition of ll Smith seems to be the only un-Tarantino part to the film so far. If it does happen I personally cannot wait to see Smith in a Tarantino film. How about you?

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