Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bradley Cooper Working On 'Hyperion' Script

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper, star of The Hangover and The Hangover: Part II as well as Limitless and The A-Team, has been linked to the script development of Dan Simmons' sci-fi novel Hyperion. It seems he isn't just an action man but can also write and create.

Cooper made the unexpected announcement on Charlie Rose. He said "[We] went to [producer] Graham King, who own the rights to Hyperion, and we wrote a treatment on spec. I said, 'I know this is a very audacious endeavour, but can you just read this spec we wrote? I think we have a way in to tell the story.' So now we're negotiating to write the script for it."

Cooper's aspirations don't stop there. He also said "This is an example of trying to get things started... Ideally I'd like to direct it, but there's no way."

First Showing revealed the unexpected news and it seems Cooper has taken on rather a lot, with the sci-fi epic which weaves an intricate and detailed story. With no previous writing experience it will be interesting to see how this one turns out and I don't expect much will happen for quite a while.

Will Cooper manage to pull it off? Or should he stick to what he is good at?


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