Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Daniel Radcliffe Sheds Light On Action Scenes For The New 'Harry Potter'

Daniel Radcliffe
In an exclusive interview with Total Film, Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe has talked up the action scenes we will be enjoying during Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 upon its release on the 15th July 2011. Not long left to wait for the many Potter fans out there!

For me Part 1 of the two part ending to the huge Potter franchise distinctly lacked in action so reading how Radcliffe emphasised the action scenes in Part 2 was exciting for me. I think the action will play a key part, especially near the end, and will mark an explosive end to a film series that has lasted some ten years.

In the interview Radcliffe was keen to reveal to fans the extent of the action scenes: “Part 2 is 200 miles an
hour from the word go. We just go headlong into it; it should be very exciting.”

Part 2 won't just mark a new level of thrill for the audience but will reveal the psychological effect the ten years of being one of the most famous wizards in the world has on the character. Radcliffe said The Deathly Hallows is all about what’s going on inside Harry’s head. He’s got the fall of the Roman Empire happening inside his head.

“His friendships are falling apart; it’s all falling apart. He becomes a lot more distant from the people around him.

“It was the most interesting I think he’s been as a character.”

Are you excited about the final film? Do you agree that it needs to be a lot better than Part 1?

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