Sunday, 29 May 2011

How To Make A David Lynch Film - Short Film (2011)

Damn Funny - 4/5
So I saw this short film today called How To Make A David Lynch Film. It's pretty much what it says on the tin. Literally. It's a comedic short film that focuses on the work of writer David Lynch (Eraserhead) and pokes fun at the methods he is known for.

The 9 minute film takes place in an apartment and follows a couple watching an old style 'how to' video. As you will have worked out, this one is How To Make A David Lynch Film. Despite the fact that the old fashioned 'how to' video has been utilised by many comedy films and TV shows (Dodgeball, Simpsons etc..), I didn't feel like it was cliche. It managed to be original whilst using a tried and tested method for laughs.

I would say that the film doesn't cater for all. You really have to know your David Lynch to feel included and not everyone does, as shown by interviews with members of the public about Lynch's work at the end of the film. However, writing as someone who has yet to experience Lynch, the film still managed to make me laugh. And in some ways it doesn't really matter if you know who he is or not. The film is designed to make fun of his style of film and it succeeded.

Despite obviously having a limited budget the film was extremely well edited and the cast showed their worth. Whoever played the presenter of the 'how to' film (I don't know who it was as the credits were rather confusing) was brilliant and performed his role with great confidence and timing. The actress was also notably funny.

If you're a fan of short film, comedy, or you hate David Lynch you should check this one out. You can't not laugh at it.

The film will be featuring in the upcoming Dances With Films Festival.


Anonymous said...

That actor is Jon Thomas and he is a man-child.

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