Friday, 13 May 2011

New 'Terminator' Rights Interest Indie Film Financier

Indie film producer Megan Ellison is allegedly interested in purchasing the franchise right for the new Terminator installment, revealed Deadline. Ellison and her indie tastes would be a rather strange addition to the fivequel, with Arnold Schwarzenegger already indicating his desire to return for the film and Fast Five director Justin Lin attached to the project. The words indie and Schwarzenegger are two that you wouldn't usually put together so it will be intriguing to see if Ellison wishes to stick to her usual genre.

An auction is happening right now for the rights to the new Terminator film up until now Lionsgate were the odds on favourites to capture the film. However Ellison's production company Annapurna Pictures is attempting to outbid Lionsgate for the movie.

You may not have heard much of Ellison before but she has some major projects on her hands already. She is
currently behind Paul Thomas Anderson's new film as well as Bigelow's upcoming project Kill Bin Laden and The Wettest Country In The World.

How do you think an indie influence on the new Terminator film would turn out? Would it spoil the action or would it make a more watchable film?

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