Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Possible Cloverfield 2?

As a huge fan of 'Cloverfield' and the whole hand-held camera genre I was just as excited when reading this headline from Total Film as you are. They reportedly interviewed original 'Cloverfield' director Matt Reeves about the possibility of a sequel and he is said to have replied in the affirmative adding that 'Lost' producer J.J. Abrams will be involved. How cool does this sound?!?
Although I have very high hopes for this film I cannot guarantee its success. I'm really not sure how they are going to do it. Will it just be a completely separate story shot in the same style with a similar storyline. Of course, the characters we adored so much from 'Cloverfield' died so I'm assuming it will be rather separate from its prequel. I hope the hand-held camera element is still in use and it will be interesting to see what new elements Abrams brings to the mix. IMDb tells me we will have to wait until 2014 for this one and I sincerely hope it is worth the wait.


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