Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mosters, Inc. Seuquel Title Announced!

The sequel of popular Disney Pixar family film 'Monsters, Inc.', released way back in 2001, has been titled and revealed. The film will be called 'Monsters University' and will actually be set before the 2001 film, charting Sulley and Mike's studies at the University Of Fear where they start off as rivals but soon become friends. I think this story sounds brilliant. I wouldn't have been too impressed if Pixar had continued where they left off with the last film and brought us a story based around the factory which was converted to capture laughs rather than screams. The leap back in time sounds like a genius idea and should provide ample opportunity for hilarity and adventure.

I've been looking forward to the sequel which has been rumoured for a very long time. This new announcement seems to set the ball rolling and will be a comfort to fans of the first film. More good news has been revealed in that John Goodman and Billy Crystal will reprise their roles as Sulley and Mike. The storyline sounds amazing and we have the voice talent to match. There is still a painfully long wait for a release but this news is a step in the right direction. Bring it on!


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