Sunday, 27 March 2011

Preview: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

With the cleverly worded title 'Cowboys & Aliens', this film was in my good books from the start. The film tells the story of an alien craft landing in Arizona in the 19th century who can only be stopped by a band of cowboys. How absolutely awesome does this sound!? I sort of wish this came out when I was a kid; the wonder and excitement would have been ten times greater. But being as I am not, I can get excited about the casting of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, who I think will go perfectly together. Ford does play the part of a colonel however so I'm thinking he initially dismisses the cowboys but then has to use them to help against the aliens? 'Moon' leading man Sam Rockwell will also have a part in the film.

The film is set to be released in August 2011. So come on guys, are we getting as excited as I am about this? It just feels like such a childhood movie in a way, evoking memories of playing cowboys and Indians but then with 'E.T' thrown into the mix. If that doesn't get you excited, nothing will. I'll post the trailer above this post so check it out.


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