Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson in line for Akira

A whole host of young British actors are competing for a chance to star in the new adaptation of Manga 'Akira'. Stars such as the talented Andrew Garfield ('The Social Network'), James McAvoy, star of 'The Last King of Scotland', and Robert Pattinson have been revealed by Deadline to be among this list. The film, written by 'Harry Potter' screenwriter Steve Kloves, follows Kaneda as he fights in Tokyo where a government project has created superhuman beings.

When I read this story I found it hard to believe that actors such as those listed above would have anything to do with a Manga film. However, the news has now been widely reported and it seems as if Warner Bros are making a big push with this film. I'm shocked by these announcements and I'm sure others will be too, so I must say well done to Warner Bros for whetting our appetite so.


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