Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bill Nighy on board for 'Clash Of The Titans' sequel

The as yet untitled sequel of 'Clash Of The Titans' has gained a huge name in the form of Bill Nighy, who will play Hephaestus according to Empire. He joins names such as Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes who were of course in the first film. The film will reportedly move us forward 10 years from the first film with Sam Worthington as Perseus trying to get away from his heroic image. He finds however that he cannot escape his past and is brought back into the fight for good.

Now, while the addition of Bill Nighy is an excellent one, I am fairly certain the film will be as forgettable as the first. I reviewed the first film fairly recently (check it out after this) and I had major criticisms of the storyline and the acting. I very much doubt that adding Nighy will enable this film to escape the poor reputation of the first. It would take something very special to do that. What are your views, will this film be able to better the first?


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