Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Submarine Director Richard Ayoade on a possible IT Crowd film?

Richard Ayoade, star of Channel 4's 'The IT Crowd' and director of 'Submarine' which is in cinemas now, has jokingly revealed his desire for an IT Crowd film. Richard joked that it would be like a comedy version of 'Inception' and said that it would be down to series writer Graham Linehan. All this seems likely to be a joke, but how utterly cool does the concept sound!? To me it would be a no brainer of whether to see it or not.

The Channel 4 series, known for its dry wit, has created quite a cult following in the UK. It has survived four series, not something that can be said about every comedy series these days, and also features Chris O' Dowd who you will remember featuring in 'The Boat That Rocked', which also featured the female star of the trio, Katherine Parkinson. I would imagine that all three would be up for a film, and I'm sure they would do a fine job with it too. One thing that is certain is that any possibility of a film seems very far off and, at this point, just a rumour.


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