Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Eddie Murphy Looks Likely To Host The 2012 Oscars

Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
All round funny man Eddie Murphy looks the most likely candidate to host the 2012 Academy Awards, the 84th ceremony to date. Deadline have reported that he is the front-runner so far and the once stand-up comedian could be returning to his origins as a performer.

The producer of the show this time around will be Brett Ratner, who worked with Murphy recently in the film Tower Heist, which will open on the 4th November 2011. He is expected to put Murphy's name forward to Academy president Tom Sherak. With a hugely successful comedy film history and his experience as a stand-up comedian, it's not too surprising that his name looks likely to be put forward. His energy as a performer would be just what is needed and could lead to much satiricism as well as plenty of celebrities getting put in their place (obviously something we all want to see).

The decision has not officially been made yet but, with some sites suggesting he has already been
chosen, it looks pretty likely that he will be involved. Oscar favourite Billy Crystal is also rumoured to be playing some part.

So who agrees that Murphy would be the ideal choice as the host of the next Academy Awards? Any other suggestions of who should be up there?

I know it's a fairly long way off but does anyone have any predictions of Oscar winners this year? Let us know your thoughts....


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