Monday, 4 July 2011

'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Defeats Competition In US Box Office

As I'm sure everyone expected the third, and in my opinion best, film in the Transformers series has triumphed in the US box office this weekend. The weekend numbers posted by Dark Of The Moon weren't as impressive as those set by the second film, Revenge Of The Fallen, but still totalled an impressive $97.4 million, with $162.1 million taken in total in the US since it's release. Its global figure is a whopping $370m and counting.

Cars 2 had a rather unimpressive weekend with $25 million but despite the poor figures the film has managed to toal an impressive $116m. Bad Teacher came in third with $14.1m.

Larry Crowne made a surprsingly poor weekend debut with only $13 million, although with such big competition it picked a bad weekend to try and make an impact. Monte Carlo came fifth with $7.6m
and Super 8 continued a good run with $7.5 million which means the film has passed the $100m mark.

Green Lantern recorded $6.2m at the weekend and was followed by Mr Popper's Penguins with $5.1m. Bridesmaids continued in the top ten with $3.5m and has currently notched an impressive figure of $152m. Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris rounded off the top ten with $3.4m.

Anyone see Transformers 3 at the weekend? Let us know what you thought and check out the So I Saw This Film review of the newly released film.

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