Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - F

We're at week 6 in the weekly journey through the best films for each letter. This week it's F, so if you've missed any be sure to catch up. Anyway, on with the show....

Forrest Gump
I think this is either the third or fourth film from the Robert Zemeckis portfolio to appear on these lists so far and so I guess that makes him my favourite director. Forrest Gump is a film that you will never forget watching for the first time and one which is endlessly enjoyable. One of Tom Hanks' greatest performances. The Zemeckis/Hanks partnership never fails in my eyes.

The Full Monty
Not only is The Full Monty is a wonderfully funny comedy but it is also an insight into the hardships faced by certain Britons during the Thatcher era. It deals with an issue so taboo at the time in a darkly comic way that is also designed to lift people's spirits. An awesome soundtrack on this one too.

Fight Club
Fight Club can never be overlooked in this type of list. The duo of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt works so brilliantly and rumours have surfaced recently that the pair may appear together again for the first time since Fight Club. If you haven't seen this one you're missing out.

Four Lions
If you had asked me before I saw Four Lions whether I thought a comedy that centred on terrorism would ever work, or would ever be green-lighted in the first place, I would have said you were crazy. I decided to watch it on recommendation and it turned out to be one of the most outrageous comedies I've ever seen. Somehow they made it work and it was downright hilarious. Probably not for everyone though.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
For me Ferris Bueller's Day Off is just the perfect childhood film. Yes, I did use the word perfect. It's a comedy caper that doesn't fall into the trap of being an unoriginal snoozefest. Matthew Broderick gives the performances of his life in this one. The final scene ranked among my top five film scenes. Check this one out if you haven't and check out the So I Saw This Film review.

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