Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Brad Pitt In Talks For Assassin Thriller 'The Gray Man'

Brad Pitt
Before I bring you this news piece I would like to apologise for the lack of posting over the last week but...I MOVED HOUSE! So the internet's all ready now (finally) and So I Saw This Film can now continue to bring you the posts you love. On with the show....

Although currently working on World War Z, which is being filmed in Glasgow as we speak, Brad Pitt has been linked to another new film by Variety in the form of The Gray Man. The reports suggest that Pitt is in preliminary talks to star as the worlds greatest assassin who makes his way through Europe to save both his handler and their family.

James Gray (Two Lovers) will be directing and the script, which comes from Adam Cozad, looks to have excited him and potentially Pitt also. The story follows a former CIA operative who finds a secret government plot against him. Although it sounds fairly Bourne like in nature, director James Gray has stated to Deadline why it will not follow those same lines:

What [Paul Greengrass] did was a documentary-style, objective approach,”. “He owns that style. I
want to do the opposite, which feels like a good way to sympathize with a professional hitman. You humanize him by never distancing yourself from his experience.”

 Filming could begin early next year although nothing has yet been confirmed.

Does the project sound good to you? How would Brad Pitt fare as a world beating assassin? Let us know below..

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