Thursday, 21 July 2011

Poll Result: Favourite 'Transformers' Film

Well done for voting yet again guys and an interesting result in this one. We have our first draw since the polls began to be reported on and the draw comes between Transformers and Dark Of The Moon. No surprises that Revenge Of The Fallen got no votes and I think a fair result all round. People obviously loved the first film and felt that the third film regained what we loved about Transformers after a poorly received second film.

Voting continues on your favourite Quentin Tarantino film and at the moment Pulp Fiction is out in the lead, with Kill Bill: Volume 1 following closely behind. Don't agree? Let your vote be heard.

And I guess that makes it time for a new poll. So the new poll beginning today will be this: Favourite Harry Potter Film? Make sure to get voting and check out my review of the final Harry Potter film.

Cheers guys!


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