Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What To Look Forward To In 2011

Thought I'd have a quick break from reviews to take a look at what is coming soon and, more importantly, what is worth seeing. So hang onto your hats and get excited for what you can expect in 2011!
'Battle: Los Angeles' looks like it may attract a lot of attention when it comes to cinemas in March 2011. The film brings an alien invasion to LA, with a Marine force battling back against them. From what I have seen this film will be an attempt to mirror the success of 'District 9', and being a lover of the aforementioned flick, I am dying to see this. Unfortunately the only acting prowess we have to look forward to is Aaron Eckhart. Put a Wahlberg or a Foxx in the driving seat and I would be slightly more enthused. Still definitely one to watch though.
Are we excited about a film of the popular children's fairy tale 'Red Riding Hood'. When I saw Gary Oldman on the bill I certainly was. When I saw that the film's director will be Catherine Hardwicke however, I immediately closed the page. I'm sure here will be plenty of teen fans queueing for this take on a classic fable, but I will be avoiding it like the plague.
Ever wanted to see a superhero action film directed by Kenneth Branagh? I'm sure it has never even entered your mind. But 'Thor' will be hitting the big screen in April 2011. With a so far unknown Chris Hemsworth playing the lead, we have to hope that co-stars Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins will bolster the performance. It will be exciting to see just how the new guys does however. May wait for this on DVD, but I would still love to see it.
'Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides'.....PASS. The third one was bad enough. Take out Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley and you make it, somehow, even worse Not interested.
One I will definitely be in the queue for will be 'The Hangover Part II'. I just hope, with part one being as genius it was, that Part II won't go the way of so many sequels and fall by the wayside. This one has Bill Clinton in it! Get in the queue now!


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