Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jesse Eisenberg Up For 'Now You See Me'?

Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg has been very busy since the film that made his career (The Social Network) was released not so long ago following the success of his appearance in Zombieland in 2009. Since then he's been an animated bird (Rio) and has joined Woody Allen in Rome for the upcoming project Bop Decameron. Despite his hectic schedule it hasn't stopped the young star taking on even more film roles of late.

Today Variety has revealed that Jesse Eisenberg is tipped to take the lead role in a magician-heist film from Louis Letterrier entitled Now You See Me. He is said to be already under negotiations for the role. The Day After Tomorrow's Jake Gyllenhaal is favourite for a support role in the film, as is Inglorious Basterds' Melanie Laurent.

Now You See Me sounds like it will be a serious contender for the film of the year for whatever year they decide to release it. Get this; Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jim Carrey have all been approached for roles in the film, although we do not know if they were all approached for the same role or
whether we could potentially see all of them yet. Whatever the case it certainly sounds like one to watch out for.

The film will follow a group of famous illusionists who also rob banks during their acts and then spread the booty into the audience. Cool

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