Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jason Reitman Casts Kate Winslet In 'Labor Day'

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet has officially been cast to star opposite Josh Brolin in Jason Reitman's upcoming film Labor Day. The film is an adaptation of the same-name novel by Joyce Maynard and follows a lonely mother (Winslet) who takes in a drifter (Brolin) who it turns out is a convicted murderer. It certainly sounds like the perfect role for Brolin's talents.

Jason Reitman, who directed Juno, is currently engaged with the project Young Adult, and so filming will not begin until next year. EW revealed the casting announcement which may see Winslet take on a less serious role than she has been used to as of late.

EW also revealed how the films begins and has given us an insight into what direction the story will go: 'Set in the early ’80s over the late summer holiday weekend, Labor Day opens with divorced, depressed single mom Adele clothes shopping with her 13-year-old son, Henry. They encounter a large, fearsome man — who also happens to be bleeding badly. He asks for a ride, and against all judgment, they give him one.'

It sounds like it will be fairly entertaining and I'm looking forward to the pairing of Winslet and Brolin.

 Does this film interest you?


Anonymous said...

Wow that's an old picture.

This does interest me! I love both Winslet and Brolin. Brolin is very underrated and awesome. Not too sure about the synopsis, sounds mixed.

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